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Once a fashion showroom owner now turned mom and blogger/writer. Brianne Manz lives in New York City with her husband, three children and enjoys their fast paced city life.

Her blog Stroller In The City boasts about city living, family travel, kids fashion and all things that are mommy. Being a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of the cool stuff. Brianne has has been featured on the Today Show, E! News, and People Magazine to name a few.

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Clothes for Kids that Moms Want Too

I recently attended a fall preview for a children’s line called CHaLK. From the minute I walked into this adorable little pop up loft, I …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 17.58.48

Kids Style File: Duke & Duchess Designs

It seems the new craze these days for little ones are pattern leggings. The leggings can be screen printed, hand painted, tie dyed, you name …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 18.00.44

Mommy Guilt

As I sit hear and write this post, Ryder is in school, and both girls are simultaneously napping which is a shocker. I’ve been trying …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 18.01.42

Positively Girly {& GIVEAWAY}

Siella has been picking out her own clothes for quite sometime now. As well as over accessorizing herself which is hysterical to watch. Before we …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 18.03.30

Playing Dress Up

I remember spotting Chew Beads for the first time in my beloved Piccolini shop. I immediately had to have them as Siella was just going through her …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 18.04.46

ErgoBaby & Every Mother Counts {& GIVEAWAY}

I am a huge fun of baby wearing especially with the Ergobaby carrier. I’ve had one since Ryder was born and have continued to use …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 18.06.18

Kids Style File: NUNUNU

I first fell in love with the brand NUNUNU this past fall when I spotted a few of their styles at Barneys. I was obsessed with …

Screen Shot 2019-07-10 at 18.08.11

Movie Review: What Maisie Knew

My life is beyond crazy and hectic these days. I find it amazing how one minute I am running around with my kids in the …

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 15.20.51

First Out

Sunday was our first outing as a family of five. Yes, we have already been to restaurants, playgrounds, street festivals together but this was the …

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 15.19.19

Fast Asleep with BabyBjorn

While pregnant with Gemma I was on the search for a cradle or bassinet. Even though we set up her crib in Ryder & Siella’s …

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 15.17.51

Balancing Act

It will be a month tomorrow since I gave birth to Gemma. I cannot believe she is one month did that happen? Gemma is …

Screen Shot 2019-07-09 at 15.15.50

Gemma’s Fav Swaddles

All my children loved to be swaddled. In fact, most babies do as swaddles are soothing and calming, and recreates the secure and cozy feeling …

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