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Brianne’s Bookshelf: Back To School Edition

Brianne's Bookshelf: Back To School Edition | Stroller In The City

For most parents, September and back to school feels like the start of a whole new year. It sort of is for us, with new schedules and routines added to the mix, much different than your lazy days of summer. Here are a list of reads and apps, that will help you stay sane through all of the changes. 

The Kindness Advantage is a practical and concrete guide for you to equip your child with the skills they need to have a positive influence on the world

Mommy Burnout – A practical, and positive tool to help free women from the notion of being the “perfect mom,” filled with funny and all too relatable true-life stories and realistic suggestions to stop the burnout cycle, and protect our kids from the damage burnout can cause.

Raising Human Beings – This book explains how to cultivate a better parent-child relationship while nurturing empathy, honesty, resilience, and independence in your kids.

The Blessings Of  A Skinned Knee – This book shows parents how to teach children to respect others, accept that their children are both ordinary and unique, and treasure the power of the present moment.

Weelicious Lunches – A book full of creative solutions for quick, easy-to-make, and kid-friendly lunch box meals that little ones and their older siblings won’t be tempted to swap.


Headspace is a meditation app that teaches you how to be mindful in a way that is simple and easy to understand.

Picniic is an app that keeps families organized, connected, and productive by bringing all of your activities, tasks, and data into one shared space.

Sworkit is a fitness app for moms on the go or anyone who feels that they’re too busy to get or stay in shape. The app lets you create workouts customized for your goals that you can perform anywhere.

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Brianne's Bookshelf: Back To School Edition | Stroller In The City


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9 thoughts on “Brianne’s Bookshelf: Back To School Edition”

  1. I need to read that burnout book! I have been feeling like the worst mother lately because I am always so overwhelmed by work.

  2. I could definitely use Sworkit. I never have time to work out. We just moved to a new city and my routine is all out of whack.

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