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Sunday Styles: Bijou Savage

My girls love fashion and I know that stems from my love of fashion and style, I’ll admit it. We have so much fun getting dressed up or trying cool new trends. I also fully embrace the fact that Siella has basically become a budding designer herself, thanks to her sewing class. We also don’t discriminate when it comes to style—we try everything from high-end to budget duds but my passion is small independent designers who create unique and interesting garments. And if a brand is powered by women (especially working mamas), even better!

Sunday Styles: Bijou Savage | Stroller In The CitySunday Styles: Bijou Savage | Stroller In The City

Bijou Sauvage is one of my favorites for one of a kind, inspiring girls clothing. The style and spirit of each artfully designed garment seems to capture my girls so well.  Coming from a fashion background I fully appreciate the care and consideration that goes into creating these unique collections.

Sunday Styles: Bijou Savage | Stroller In The City

Twice per month, founders Kristen Dascal and Tammy Barnett  hand-create the artwork and patterns then tailor the kid-friendly wearable, washable girls dresses and rompers in retro styles from the 1930’s and 1940’s…and each capsule collection is made in the USA. Dascal has a fine arts background and is a mom of four, which definitely shows in the wearable yet artistic designs. Barnett is a former gemologist for the Houston Museum of Natural Science—which explains the one-of-a-kind vibe in each collection.

Sunday Styles: Bijou Savage | Stroller In The City

The girls were thrilled to get matching Aquareine dresses from the “Off to see the Wizard” collection…and to be honest, I was so jealous. The dresses are totally my style and each had fun names like Judy’s Garland or Oz the Great & Powerful. Each capsule collection is like a story and has exciting, nostalgic and yet totally fresh energy.

Sunday Styles: Bijou Savage | Stroller In The City

Siella and Gemma felt like they were wearing works of art—which they totally were! They refused to take them off and wore these gorgeous dresses almost every day this summer. I can’t wait to see what is in store for the future.

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Sunday Styles: Bijou Savage | Stroller In The City


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