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Safety and Ease with Cybex Sirona S Car Seat

Madison, my assistant, is a year into motherhood and loving it! Where is the time going, it feels like just yesterday she had him! The baby world comes with a lot of stuff. From strollers, cribs, bottles, diaper bags, car seats, and so much more, one can easily get overwhelmed. Now that Quentin is 13 months old, Madison was looking to upgrade his car seat from his infant car seat. We decided to check out the new Sirona S by CYBEX.


This car seat combines form and function to create a seat that’s both incredibly comfortable and safe for any baby. It’s a convertible car seat for extra convenience for parents, but it doesn’t stop with that. This car seat also features a load leg that stabilizes the seat which can drastically reduce crash forces should parents find themselves in an accident with their child. In addition, it uses an EasyLock Bar & One Time Vehicle Belt Installation, so once it’s in, it’s in. Secure installation and ease of use make for the best car seats! It also boasts excellent head and side-impact protection to protect our little ones from all sides.



Another feature I love is the anti-rebound design, which helps limit the movement of the car seat and reduces crash forces. Car seat safety is incredibly important to us and advanced safety protection.

Rotation Feature

It’s not all about safety features, although those are the most important for sure. With its 360-degree rotatable seat, it’s easy to get the baby in and out of the seat, while never having to actually remove the seat from the car. Have you ever seen a rotating feature in a travel system before? The swivel feature makes for comfortable entry, exit position and less strain when getting your little one in and out of the car. This is a unique design, as it can have both forward-facing use as well as rear-facing travel, all thanks to the rotating seat! Say hello to easy access to the car seat, there will be no more awkward lifting!

More Features

The seat also accommodates children from 4 pounds to 65 pounds, so this car seat grows with your child from the very start. Many parents have had to purchase an infant seat and then the intermediate seat, but with the Sirona S. you can have the same one seat for years! That’s great because buying a new car seat every year or two can get expensive! The easy lock bar, 12-position recline, and magnetic buckle holders also make it easier than ever to properly install your baby’s car seat for maximum protection. And we also love the convenient juice box holder! They really deserve a design award over at CYBEX for child car seats!

Madison is loving her CYBEX Sirona S car seat and so is Quentin. He truly is happier and more comfortable in this seat than his previous one.  It’s practically a recliner for the baby, and it’s also a bubble of protection that she can feel good about when she’s traveling with the little guy. My only complaint is that this wasn’t around when my kids were that age! Hehe!

If you’re looking for an amazing car seat that’s both convenient and super safe, then we highly recommend going with the best choice: the Cybex Sirona S.

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12 thoughts on “Safety and Ease with Cybex Sirona S Car Seat”

  1. Turtles Mosaic Artwork

    I don’t have the need for a car seat now but the cybex sirona seems amazing, wow!!! It looks safe and comfortable.

  2. I’ve never seen a car seat with a stabilizer like that. We are past car seats and both boys are almost out of booster seats, but that would have been awesome to have the extra protection for them.

  3. It is really important to be have safety gears when driving with kids onboard. The seat designed for infants looks so good. I am sure new parents will buy this for their kids.

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