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Summer Baby Must-Haves

Are we all excited to be able to finally spend some time outside?! It’s always really exciting when the weather warms up and you can take your babies on a nice walk or go to the park. Whether the day plans are to go to the park, beach, pool or just out on a walk, there are a few things that will be helpful for your little one! This list is for both new moms and moms who are looking for more summer necessities for outdoor activities. The summer heat and sun exposure are no joke, so hopefully these items help you have some summer fun!

Let’s break everything down into some categories:

Stroller Accessories

This can be anything that you want to keep in the stroller or feel you’ll need on the go on a daily basis. Furthermore, a lot of accessories are small and can be tossed in a diaper bag if the stroller doesn’t go get used on a daily basis. Firstly, a stroller fan is essential. Never underestimate the power of those little things, they can be a saving grace in the hot summer months. Additionally, a lightweight blanket is a great way to protect a baby’s sensitive skin and provide some shade and sun protection. Moreover,shade can help keep a baby cool, as well. Having a breathable baby carrier or breathable fabrics in general are some of the most important baby essentials! Air ventilation is key.

Swim Necessities

Overall, sunscreen is an obvious first necessity. You can use chemical sunscreens or mineral, depending on your own preference. Don’t forget to put extra on the baby’s face, they tend to touch their faces a lot and it can get rubbed off a bit sometimes. Quickly following behind this item are a sun hat, baby sunglasses, cooler bags and extra diapers. Subsequently, the little one’s can get tired out from playing in the baby pool or kiddie pool. Sometimes a lightweight sleep sack is helpful to get them to take a nap in the shade after play time.

Misc. Needs

Finally, if there’s no specific agenda for the day and it’s very go with the flow, here’s a few items that might be helpful! A wonderfold wagon looks like it can be very helpful in taking a few kids on a walk or helping bring some items out of the house for a summer picnic. As the temperature rises, essential baby items needed on a daily basis change. For instance, car window shades become must haves. I know something my kids loved was a water table they could play with outside. It is an easy way to cool down in the hot weather.


For more baby essentials, visit here!

This is a lifesaver! It hooks onto the high chair and catches all of the food, so you don’t have to spend forever cleaning up after your baby eats.
This might be the coolest blanket we’ve ever seen! It has UPF50+ protection and it can attach to virtually anything to provide shadow from the sunlight.
Looking for the best beach find for your baby? I think we’ve found it! This tent provides shelter from the sun, as well as protection from sand, mosquitoes and the wind. With UPF50+, this is the tent for the summer!
We have to keep cool in the heat! This play mat doubles as a splash mat and comes with stackable rings and a back rest to prop your baby up! It’s super easy to bring on the go, as well.
If you’re a Dock a Tot fan, this is for you! It’s UV protected shade with UPF50+ to keep your baby protected all summer long.
Now this is genius! This is an incredibly safe floaty for your little one that includes removable shade and can be used multiple ways. Check out all the fun colors!
This is the most important product you could buy for the summer! Sunscreen is essential and baby’s skin is so sensitive. I love this brand!
Sunglasses get overlooked sometimes because they are an accessory. But they really do a great job at keeping the sun out of your little one’s eyes. This design with a velcro band help keep them on!
This is the perfect product for kids to learn how to help in the kitchen! They can safely use it to reach the counter to do things that include playing, washing their hands and helping you prepare meals. It comes in a few colors to choose from, as well!
This is one thing that can get overlooked. It’s really important to keep the bugs away from your baby, especially mosquitoes! This is a super safe brand that I trust.
Having a portable chair is something that is actually really helpful in the summers. You can have the baby occupied in a safe seat while tending to other chores in the house (obviously, stay supervising, but you will be hands-free).
Baby carriers are also a great way to be hands-free. I love this one because not only is it super comfortable, but it’s lightweight and mesh for the summer heat.
It’s a good idea to opt for a hooded towel in the summers because it offers more shade from the sun. This is a fantastic option and comes in a pack of 2!
This is for toddlers and up for sure, but it’s so entertaining! It keeps them having fun for hours and the umbrella on top is a night little added shade.
This is a necessity! It’s perfect because it clips right onto a stroller or car set and keeps them cool in the summer heat. How cute is this one?!

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8 thoughts on “Summer Baby Must-Haves”

  1. I can tell we live in very different parts of the country… we go outside in the winter when it’s nice enough. Right now, I’m only outside if I’m in the pool. But, all your must-haves were ones we had when venturing outdoors when my boys were babies!

  2. Yes, lots of useful and fun ideas here! The tray to catch food as it falls from a high chair is a great idea. And the splash thing is great- kids love most anything to do with water.

  3. It’s important to assess what you need and will use. Great suggestions, I loved my baby carrier so much.

  4. Rose Ann Sales

    Wow! This is a really great list of things that must have! I would start with the baby carrier

  5. Wow! I am interested in your UV blanket. In fact, this is the first time I have heard a blanket with UV protection. Would love to get one as we are really in the outdoors a lot and could use this.

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