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CYBEX Libelle Compact Travel Stroller

In todays stroller market you will find many options that are BIG. While this may sometimes be appealing, most families end up feeling the need to downsize. Do you live in the big city like we do or travel often, if you’re on the go with your baby? In this case, something lightweight and compact is very important for everyday convenience on your everyday adventures. That’s why I’m a fan of the Libelle. CYBEX is a brand that is high-quality and so reliable that I tell everyone about it, including my assistant Madison.

The Libelle

Madison’s baby Quentin reawakened my love for all things baby! I’ve been deep down in the baby gear rabbit hole ever since. As a mom and influencer, I’ve always loved sharing baby and child gear with my readers. So I’m always eager to give a shout-out where it’s due, and it’s definitely due here. Madison recently received the latest Libelle by CYBEX and she’s been loving it. Technically this could be considered a travel stroller. But as soon as she received it she knew she had to take it out for a spin to her local park and on a recent beach day! It’s definitely an ideal second stroller for her to have. First impressions are everything when it comes to baby must-haves! This is an absolute genius space-saving package to receive for your children!


This ultra-compact stroller boasts one of the world’s smallest folds that collapses into a space-saving package that’s perfect for travel as well as storage. It fits so easily into the trunk of your car and helps you travel light. This durable stroller can easily get you and your baby where you need to go, and when you get there, it folds down to fit into the tight spaces you’ll find in planes, trains, or cars. Once it was time for Madison’s most recent trip , she couldn’t wait to test it out both at the airport and abroad! This CYBEX Libelle is carry-on compliant, which we all think is fantastic. With the option of a travel bag, Madison easily stored her Libelle in the overhead compartments during their flight. Making this the best travel stroller and ultra-compact travel companion.


While it may be super compact, it’s anything but chintzy. It features a durable frame and wheels, and the fabric is removable and machine washable. If you have babies, you know what that’s great. If you’re still pregnant, you’ll know what I’m talking about almost immediately. The fabric is breathable, and the infinite recline design allows for an endless variety of angles to help keep your child as comfy as possible while strolling. It’s also made for children aged infant to older kids at 4 years old, so it converts from a bassinet-style stroller to an upright stroller – both featuring a sun shade to protect baby’s delicate skin. An xl sun canopy is important for their sensitive skin! You can also put it to a near flat position, which is a great selling point. It also puts your child in the perfect comfort position, which is not only amazing for such a small stroller, but helps wit the excitement of travel and everyday city life.

On the Go

Whether she was in the streets of Paris or in the French country side the Libelle was just the stroller her family needed. It met all their needs and more. It was incredibly simple to use on public transport and is overall so ideal for jet-setting travelers who only have so much space for overhead storage. For anyone on the go looking for a lighter vibe with a stroller, you’ll want to look into this one! On top of the fact that the Libelle stroller folds so easily, it also is simple hand luggage for your travels.


This is one of the best travel strollers we’ve ever seen, and while it might be made for travel, it also makes a great stroller for everyday use if you live in a packed urban area or even in the suburbs. Madison now uses the Libelle for everyday use because it’s truly more convenient than her other options. The new Libelle is the best value for both the destination vacation of a lifetime or a simple family weekend getaway. I know I would have appreciated this one while taking the subway and taxis with the kids! If you’re looking for a compact stroller that’s convenient, comfortable, and durable, then you should definitely give the CYBEX Libelle compact stroller a look!

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26 thoughts on “CYBEX Libelle Compact Travel Stroller”

  1. This is an amazing stroller! I wish this has been around when my kids were that age. We traveled a lot, and trying to get the stroller back and forth was a nightmare.

  2. Oh my goodness, I wish I had such a compact stroller like this when my boys were babies. We travel a lot and it looks so easy to take along. I like that it has a 5-point harness, too, as it’s much more secure.

  3. Wow! I’ve never seen a buggie quite like this. They’ve always appeared really bulky to me, which for the majority of them is just unnecessary! But this looks like it easy to manage and travel with!

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