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10 Sustainable Baby Brands to Shop

I really love how much attention sustainability has been getting recently. This planet is our home and it’s our responsibility to take care of it. One of the ways we can do that is by shopping sustainably. Did you know there are a ton of great sustainable baby brands? So if you’re interested in looking into more sustainable options when it comes to finding products for your babies, you are in luck these days!

What Does Being Sustainable Mean?

When a brand says they are sustainable it means a few different things. The term would be referring to local sourcing, full transparency in regards to supply chain, safe working conditions and fair pay. Of course, the most obvious thing a sustainable brand does is use recycled fabrics, natural dyes, natural fabrics, etc. But people often forget about the rest of the production process and all of that is included, as well. You can’t be half sustainable, you have to be in every way in order to truly be labeled as such. These are brands that are dedicated to helping leave the Earth in a better position than it was when they arrived. It’s a mission.

Sustainable Baby Brands To Shop

Mon Coeur

Mon Coeur is a kids clothing company that was created by a mom who wanted her baby’s clothes to be made in a way that cared for the planet. It was founded on taking care of both the environment and respecting the people on it. You can feel really good about your children wearing pieces from this brand for so many reasons, all being the fact that this company is doing some good in the world.

Photography: Mon Coeur

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is a company that makes children’s clothing (also some really fun matching pieces for parents) and are committed to sustainability. They use fair trade practices, organic and harm-free materials. What’s super cute is they like to call their clothes “hanna me-downs” because they can be passed down to your other family members or donated to be enjoyed by others, once your child outgrows them.

Photography: Hanna Andersson

Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt’s Bees is notoriously a safe brand to use. And by that, I mean, we all know they are natural and feel comfortable using their products on our babies and children, always! They have a whole baby line that features organic cotton clothing, bedding, sustainable toys and bath products. Literally everything under the sun!

Photography: Burt’s Bees Baby


Kyte is a company that was created originally to help with the founders’ daughter’s eczema. Their baby clothes are made out of bamboo which is hypoallergenic, cooler than cotton and requires less water to grow. This is a family owned and operated company that focuses on great sourcing and safe and fair labor. All around a fantastic sustainable option!

Photography: Kyte BABY

Water Wipes

If you haven’t heard of Water Wipes, let me tell you, they are a game-changer for diaper changes or anything, really! This product is a wipe that is made of 99% water and 1% fruit extract, so there’s no harsh perfumes or scents, soaps, etc. in the product. Babies get diaper rashes, but these are gentle on them! You can also use them to wipe their hands or mouth after eating. They also have a line for adults.


Ergobaby is known for having some of the very best baby carriers around! It makes me so much happier to know that they are sustainable, I had no idea I could love them more! Everlove by Ergobaby is a part of the company that explains their sustainability promise. They build their carriers to last a long time and will buy back carriers in good condition to give to families that need them. This is because they are trying to not contribute to landfills and reuse products! Another huge thing is that they are working to reduce CO2 emissions, which is always nice to hear.

Photography: Everylove by Ergobaby


Lalo is a baby brand that makes all things baby! Play gyms, high chairs, bibs, plates, cutlery, cups and more! Their materials are non-toxic, BPA free and FDA approved, so you can really feel good about your little ones using it all. And everything is stunning! They actually have a play center in NYC, where you can go to fun classes, enjoy snacks and, of course, shop Lalo products!

Photography: Lalo

Our Green House

This site has all things sustainable! There are products for babies, kids, adults and pets, which is really cool. Everything ranges from toys to bath care to kitchen, etc. What’s adorable is that they actually sell sustainable gift baskets full of items. So for example, they have a Baby’s First Toy gift basket available. You can never go wrong with a gift basket! The brand gives back and are super eco-friendly!

Photography: Our Green House

Earth Mama Organics

Earth Mama Organics is a company that has a ton of great baby products that are all fueled by plants. It’s a line full of remedy products to help with any issues such as dry skin, diaper rashes or simply bath products. They also have a bunch of products for kids, teens and adults like lotions, comfort kids, hygiene and bath products. Non-toxic and plant-based, these products are safe for sensitive skin.

Photography: Earth Mama Organics

Snuggle Me Organic

The Snuggle Me Organic company is known for its a baby lounger, which is amazing when you have a brand new baby. You can place them in it while you get stuff done and it’s super safe– and organic! But the brand also makes feeding and support pillows, covers and accessories. The products are not only sustainable, but the quality is out of this world!

Photography: Snuggle Me Organic

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  1. There are SO many baby brands out there to choose from. Whether they are high street or independant and the range of products is also so vast, that it can almost be a little overwhelming! But nothing is more fun than shopping for a baby!!

  2. The baby phase is over for me. But the grandchild phase is closer than I like to admit and it’s good to know that sustainable brands like these exist.

  3. Thank you so much for these! I don’t have babies anymore, but there are plenty of babies in the family and my extended circle that I still buy for.

  4. These are great brands and products! I totally love to support businesses with sustainability projects. Got to check the feature stroller and match clothes.

  5. Great question is “What Does Being Sustainable Mean?”
    Well, I work in marketing and unfortunately it all is just a marketing. Best ways are somewhere else…

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