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Shorts to Wear Under Dresses – Monkey Bar Buddies

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But let’s talk about shorts to wear under dresses for when they are hanging upside down on the monkey bars in the middle of New York City! From the playground, to my parents backyard, to the beach you are sure to see these two romping around. But let’s talk about shorts to wear under dresses for when they are hanging upside down on the monkey bars in the middle of New York City!
leggings and shorts to wear under dresses
Dancing, cartwheeling, and performing little skits are in constant rotation for both Siella and Gemma. The girls have taken gymnastics and dance classes for as long as I can remember, and even though classes may not be in session, they are still non-stop moving this summer.

Shorts to Wear Under Dresses

Sure, their bathing suits suffice for the summer months, but I’ve found they were turning their noses up to their fun dresses, just because they wanted to have fun with their friends during recess and do cartwheels, in which they opted for pants or shorts. That is until I recently discovered Monkey Bar Buddies. They are an activewear clothing line for girls allowing them to get out and play hard. They offer a wide variety of undergarment shorts and tanks, in an array of colors and patterns that fit perfectly underneath any dress or skirt. Their cartwheel shorts are made with a blend of 80% nylon and 20% spandex, making these pieces super durable, soft, and strong. Unlike cotton this nylon/spandex blend stays in place while the girls play, so no matter what my girls are doing, their shorts will stay in place, not bunch, and generally, remain comfortable no matter what they are up to. 

camis from Monkey Bar Buddies

A few of my favorite pieces from Monkey Bar Buddies include their Candy Kiss Cami. This cami is perfect for outdoor play. It features spaghetti straps and a cute light pink contrast straps for a stylish look that can stand up to the most rigorous play.

shorts to wear under dresses

Next is the Denim Blue Girls Spandex Shorts. Perfect for a day at the park or the beach, these super cute shorts feature that classic denim look with an added flair of little bows on the outside of each leg. Siella loves throwing these on for when she practices her dance moves or gymnastics. And come wintertime, these shorts will be worn under her many dresses to ensure you can still practice her one handed cartwheel or back flip wherever she is!

testing out Monkey Bar Buddies shorts to wear under dresses

Finally, the heather gray capris from Monkey Bar Buddies are the perfect stable to any wardrobe! These capris are just as functional as they are fun, with a classic cut and little bows on the outside of the leg cuff. These are a particularly big hit with my daughters because they keep them cool while also protecting their knees from scrapes from their playing.

Monkey Bar Buddies is a great line for super active kids. My daughters are loving the cuts and styles of their new pieces, and I’m loving that they are holding up so well to my daughters’ play time. It’s the perfect fit for both of us.

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  1. Those pieces look great! I’ve seen clothes that don’t hold up well to even light activities and that’s a shame considering what clothes cost.

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