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Mainio Clothing – Edgy Fashion

Remember 60s fashion? It was cutting edge. It was all nerve and grit. Of course, it was beautiful, but it also had this vibe of “this is my look, and you can take that or leave it.” Over the years, fashion lost a little of that, going more for glam and gimmicks. We all remember the 80s. Then skater style came around, and we got back to that old-school, edgy look. The full skater look was a little too “back off, man” for my taste, however, it bled into other fashion avenues and fashion finally got back to having a little bit of an edge again. Of course, fashion goes in cycles, so now we’re back to a time when we need a bit of ‘tude back in our fashion. Enter Maino Clothing.

Maino Clothing’s mission statement has that sentiment right there. I quote: “Being Mainio is about being bold. Staying true to your attitude.” That. That right there. Staying true to your attitude! I’ve been waiting for the edge to come back into fashion, and Mainio is leading the charge, which I love. Their bold looks combine cute and edgy into a fashion cocktail that’s perfect for any occasion. It lets girls and women stay fashionable without losing their bold style and edge.

My daughters and I love Mainio Clothing, and we recently picked out 3 pieces from their collection which went over like gangbusters when the girls finally got their hands on them. These pieces are simple, straightforward pieces that focus on the power of simplicity in fashion.

Up first is the Alder Frill Dress. This long-sleeved dress features a simple, cute gathered waste with a frilled, double-layered skirt bottom that is just cute enough to soften the red color with simple black print.

Next is the Bow Skater Dress. This long-sleeved piece keeps it very simple. A gathered waist leads into a skirt bottom that is gathered but not to the point of being overly frilled and dainty. The addition of the skateboard print helps add to the feel of this dress. It’s a piece that says, “Yeah, I’m cute, but I can also kick serious butt.”

Finally, my daughters chose the Cone Dress. Following the theme of simplicity in fashion, this dress has a simple, A-line shape. Mainio Clothing adds a little flair to the look with super cute, flared 3/4 length sleeves. Again, it’s a look that marries cute and tough in a way that really shows off girl power.


Mainio Clothing is a company that’s all about bringing attitude back to style for both girls and women. With simple designs that combine comfort, style, and just enough attitude to give the pieces a fashionable edge, Mainio Clothing has the recipe down for fashion that keeps you looking good and feeling confident. Check out their selection. My daughters and I all love what they have to offer, and we think you will, too.

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17 thoughts on “Mainio Clothing – Edgy Fashion”

  1. Mama Maggie's Kitchen

    Oh wow! Those dresses are wonderfully made. If I have a daughter, I will surely buy one of these for her.

  2. Those are such cute pieces of clothing. I’m sure my daughters would love those as well. We’ll have to check this place out.

  3. Those dresses are so pretty, and they look very comfy as well. I haven’t heard of this clothing line, and it would nice to get some of these for my girls.

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