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Live at The Harper NYC

If you’re looking to upgrade your living situation and your lifestyle in NYC, then you’ve come to the right place. Today, I’m talking about the Harper NYC. I’ve always been a New York City girl, and that’s never going to change. Currently we live in Battery Park, but lately I’ve been looking for a bit of a change. That’s why I’ve been eyeing The Harper. It’s everything I could ever ask for in luxury living, and it’s in a great location on the Upper East Side.  

The Space 

The thing that makes these condos so special is their combination of residential and city life all rolled up into one. These luxury condos are anything but the standard cramped quarters most of us think of when we think about living in the city. Instead, you’ll find beautiful homes with generous square footage and flexible layouts designed to maximize your home’s beauty and your enjoyment of it. They’ve paid special attention to window placement and lighting to bring the outside in, a great perk if you live in the city.  Their condos range from two to four bedrooms, and they’re spacious! I can’t stress that enough.

These beautifully appointed condos feature modern luxury with a strong streak of cozy and boast luxurious bathrooms and state-of-the-art kitchens with top-of-the-line appliances like Miele ovens, cooktops, and refrigerators. Thanks to their thoughtful layouts, you’ll also have all the room you need to enjoy those appliances. In the bathrooms, you’ll find marble and limestone for the perfect blend of classic beauty and durability and high-end Waterworks fixtures – again a combination of durability and beauty being the goal for every part of these condos.

The Amenities

Another amazing thing about The Harper NYC is its combination of residential living and a hotel-like vibe. This condo complex makes you feel like you’re a permanent hotel resident in all the best ways possible. A 24/7 attended lobby ensures your safety, while a beautiful children’s playroom ensures your kids will always have something to entertain them. The kids can even enjoy an artist studio and a music studio so they can immerse themselves in the arts. A gaming and screening room totally changes family game night, and if you’re a fitness buff, you’ll love the fully appointed fitness center with state-of-the-art aerobic and strength training equipment. I’m also a big fan of the rooftop lounge with outdoor kitchens and TVs for entertaining!

And here’s something you’ll love. This luxurious condominium complex offers optional storage units. There are  laundry units in every apartment, but there is also a laundry room for those big comforters. And if you’re a pet lover like me, you’ll enjoy being able to pamper your pet at The Harper’s pet spa.

The Location

With all these amenities and spacious units, it’s easy to get lost in the interior of The Harper NYC, but we can’t forget what’s outside the building. Located in the Upper East Side, The Harper ensures your children can attend the top schools in safety and security, and your family can take advantage of all the world-renowned cultural attractions the city has to offer.

Book A Tour

If you love the city, but you don’t love your current living situation, then The Harper NYC might just be for you. With its prime location, spacious condos, and all the amenities you expect to come with luxury living at its finest, The Harper NYC has everything you’d ever want in a home and then some.

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