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Creating a Successful Food Board Night

We’re familiar with family game night, but the older kids have been loving playing classic games with their friends at sleepovers lately. It’s a lot of fun and of course, it keeps them off technology and using their critical thinking skills as well as strategy with their favorite games. The perfect game night doesn’t just consist of the best board games, but quality time and delicious food for a larger group. The girls have been loving charcuterie boards lately and have come up with a whole new way to take them to the next level for board game night. Everyone made their favorite snack board and brought it to the hosting spot. A good charcuterie board can exist in so many forms beyond hard cheeses, fresh fruits and your favorite meats. I’m breaking down fun ways to bring a variety of flavors to your next girls night!

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Charcuterie Board

Firstly, I want to begin with this category because I feel like this is more of an entree and then the sweets can be devoured afterwards. You can never go wrong with a simple charcuterie board of different types of cheeses for a successful game night or girls night in. I actually think everyone should have at least a smaller board of a variety of meats and variety of cheeses with nuts and dried fruit. It acts as a grazing board and is a super easy charcuterie board to put together. Not much thought has to be put into this platter.

Sushi Board

Another board idea is a sushi board! My girls are obsessed and it’s so simple to do- essentially you just arrange sushi on a large platter. Keep the soy sauce and edamame on one side while the sushi selection can remain on the other for a sense of organization.

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Burger Board

Burger Boards are next up on our list and there are so many different ways you can make this great addition to your table. Decide whether you want all the same burgers or if you want different options and go from there. You can have one with special sauce, avocado and bacon, a chicken burger and more! For those keeping the board simple, try placing toppings on one half of the cutting board or any wooden boards you’re using to make it a DIY station. While this is not a healthy charcuterie board, it is a crowd favorite for a large group.

Chick-Fil-A Board

​Moreover, we’re wrapping it up with a Chick-Fil-A inspired board that will make your mouth water. Either pick up your favorite nuggets or make some delicious ones at home with waffle fries and assemble on a meat board or small platter. If you have space, place sauce options to one corner, but small bowls will do, otherwise! They actually sell their sauce at the grocery store now, so no need to concoct one yourself!

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Cookie Board

Now onto some sweet stuff! Get your favorite cookies in town–or better yet, make a family recipe and place them on a board. What we like to do for this category is actually cut the cookies into a few pieces with one of those multi-sided cookie cutters so everyone can try a bit of each.

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Ice Cream Board

This is a cute and simple idea! Keep the ice cream in their tubs so they can stay in the freezer until they need to be scooped. Everything else can be up to you! Grab waffle cones, sprinkles, crumbled cookies, hot fudge, chocolate sauce, caramel and marshmallows to create the ultimate topping bar. Don’t forget the cherry on top!

Candy Board

A great option to act as a snack later in the night while playing card games or watching a movie is a candy board. Simple as ever, take your personal favorite candy options and arrange them in a fun design on your board. We like to have a mix of sour and chocolate bites for a great palate range.

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S’mores Board

For those that are craving a gooey marshmallow covered in melted chocolate, this one is for you! Assemble the ingredients you need for the ultimate s’more and make them either in the microwave or over the stove. We included strawberries, Reese’s and pre-melted chocolate and caramel to make them safer for the kids. This way, they were spreadable on the graham cracker and nothing had to be heated up.

 Cocoa Board

Finally, we need to wash all of this down with a sweet drink! The hot cocoa board is something I think we’ll be making all winter long! Marshmallows, cocoa mix, candy canes, cookies to dunk and whipped cream are at the top of the list of necessities for our board.

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