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Our Top Classes to Take in NYC

It’s always a great time to learn new skills and what better place to get hands-on experience than in New York City? These make for a great date night for quality time and I love a supportive environment to up my skill level in new ways. Most people at these classes are doing this stuff for the first time, as well so there is no better way than to take an introductory class to any subject you’d like to try out! From an immersive course to craft classes and date nights learning from a professional chef, try out your artistic side with these beginner course classes for New Yorkers.

nyc classes to take

Gardening at Brooklyn Botanic Garden

This is not just for nature lovers. These are necessary skills we should all have and it’s a great way to learn more about plants. Beyond the world of the outdoors, they offer workshops on crafts, photography, science and so many more with hands-on instruction to create works of art both on paper and with beautiful botanics.

NY Cake Academy

This sounds like the most delicious class around! You can learn various techniques and get step-by-step instruction from baking professionals. Not only can you make a cake, but you learn some cool skills when it comes to decoration. If you’ve been looking to level up your baking in the last year, this is the best class to gain skills to impress loved ones.

nyc classes to take

Murray’s Cheese

We’re major Murray’s Cheese fans around here! If you’ve never tried their mac and cheese in the West Village, you’re missing out! Not only are there in person options, but a private workshop and virtual, as well. Learn all the basics, how to make the best cheese board and determine great pairings for each cheese.


I personally think this is one of the most fun date night activities because you come home with something you actually created. I know it seems intimidating but it truly is a blast and you get a deeper understanding in the world of art. Go at your own pace and create something you will be excited to bring home!

nyc classes to take

Cocktail Lessons

Liquid Lab has some great mixologists ready to teach you all about cocktails! Not only are they in the tri-state area, but they are also national. Make a date night out of it and go in person to a private mixology class or go the virtual route and date from home while gaining new cocktail skills!

Croissant Class

This is another baking class but one that is definitely more niche. We love croissants in my house so this is something I will carry into my weekly life. I’d love to be able to whip up homemade croissants for breakfast around here so this is one class I will be in attendance for!

nyc classes to take

Home Cooking

It is okay to want to be a better cook, I think we can all always improve! This is a fantastic option to take classes at because there are both in person and virtual options, so it fits into your busy lifestyle. Learn specific recipes or try out a boot camp class!

Paint and Sip

Have you ever tried this? You essentially bring your own drinks, which is super cool, and paint what the teacher shows you. They will walk you step by step and help you out if you have questions, but what I love is that everyone’s turn out different. It’s all beauty is in the eye of the beholder and you get a new piece of art for your space!

Taste Buds Kitchen

Another fabulous cooking class option, but different from previously mentioned! They not only have classes, but will do parties and even have class choices for kids. My kids love to help out in the kitchen, so I’m planning out a family class for all of us to try out this winter.

nyc classes to take

NY Sewing Center

Calling all fashionistas, this one is for you! Gemma takes fashion classes where she learns to sew nearby, but I love this as another option, especially for adults. I think sewing is a critical skill and I want to try something new this year!

For more NYC recommendations, visit here!

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nyc classes to take
nyc classes to take

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