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Hair Masks to Indulge Your Strands in this Winter

I can’t be the only one who gets dry hair in the winter. The weather does things to my hair and skin that are unimaginable and with it being cozy season anyway, I think it’s prime time to try out deep conditioning treatments. A deep conditioner is a treatment that sits on your hair to add moisture to the hair shaft for intense hydration. There are so many great options on the market for healthy hair and luscious locks in the colder months. We’ve stepping up our hair care routine to share the best products for hair health and weekly treatment.

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Hair Types

Firstly, the most important starting piece here is narrowing down what your hair type is. For instance, if you have thin hair, you are not going to want an incredibly thick mask because it will not be the easiest to wash out and there is potential for it to weigh your hair down. While those with coarse hair will want to use a generous amount of the hair mask or hair treatments to fully receive the benefits of hair masks. Furthermore, this is where porosity will come into play, as well. Low porosity hair will need a smaller amount and thinner treatment unlike higher porosity hair which needs extra hydration. The health of our hair is all going to look different from person to person but the overall rule I live by is that 20-30 minutes is good enough for a treatment to sit and give you healthy locks.

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Secondly, I think we all underestimate how harsh the cold weather is to our bodies. Face masks are plentiful in my house but I tend to forget about a nourishing treatment for my hair. A deep conditioning hair mask is essential not only to protect our natural hair oils but to restore any damage from the seasons. If you use heat styling, you may have heat damage, so a hair care regimen that includes a deep conditioning mask to save your strands is essential. One way you can try a hair mask is to put it on dry hair before you shower and sleep in a shower cap to protect your pillows.

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Additionally, some masks are meant to be applied on damp hair for the best results when it comes to penetrating the strands. I always recommend fully reading the directions on your products so you know you are using them correctly. After all, women’s products are so expensive, I like to make sure I am actually using it the best way to get my money’s worth! A leave in conditioner will also do wonders on damp hair after you wash it.

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Best Hair Masks

Finally, these are some of my favorite hair masks for the new year. These are all different, as some are meant for color-treated hair, fine hair or focus on hyaluronic acid ingredients. No matter what you are looking for, I have found a mask for everyone. So sit back, relax and treat your strands to some love!

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Nutritive Mask // Fine Hair Mask // Gold Lust Mask // Color Damage Mask // Deep Conditioning Mask // Restorative Mask // Intense Hydration Mask // Soulfood Mask // Moroccan Oil Mask // Leave in Mollecular Repair Mask

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