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Life: Hacked! with Alexa’s Skills

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Say you’ll make my life easier and help me seamlessly get through the day, I am listening and so is Alexa. Amazon’s Alexa is basically my best friend at home, sorry Jason but she just gets me. The capabilities are endless for what Alexa can do for a busy, working mom of three.

We all know Alexa is Amazon’s Virtual Assistant and you can utilize her mad skills through one of the amazon devices like my Amazon Echo Plus. She plays our favorite music, gives us an update on the weather each morning including the news, sets alarms and reminders and helps me with my shopping list but there are even more specific things Alexa helps with… Just say, “Alexa, make my life easier,” and she will do exactly that with ten new Life Hack apps!

Setting it up is super easy, just go to the Alexa App and add new skills you think you will need then once the apps are activated all you need to say to Alexa is, “Alexa, make my life easier” and she will access these helpful life hacks for you.

Say something to Alexa like, “Chop Chop,” and she will help you with food chopping techniques. Or say, “Start nagging me” and you can get reminders to do things in a funny way. The “Mommy-gram” sends text messages from your device. “House tracker” tracks household chores (I mean this is a game changer), “My pod” creates podcast playlists, “Budget bot” helps you with financial planning… the list goes on. 

I am not going to lie, I don’t love-love to cook in my apartment. I like it and I do it but I am not passionate about the kitchen. Maybe if I had one of those grand kitchens with an island and big windows and ample counter space, I’d get really into it. I also don’t know all about different ways to cook or chop or prepare things. As it turns out I was chopping an onion all wrong for years and it is a wonder I didn’t lose a fingertip. Alexa’s Chop Chop tells you how to chop different vegetables—so now I know. 

Alexa has also been helping me stay on track with work and overall life goals with Lyfe Trak. I can sometimes get stuck in deadline mode and things like pleasure reading are totally lost in the shuffle. I would love to get through a book these days but I forget to dedicate time to it. Alexa reminds me to take 30 minutes to sit and read! 

Lyfe Trak also helps me stay on track toward my work goals. I can say “Alexa, tell Lyfe Trak that I have to write today for 2 hours” or “Alexa, tell Lyfe Trak that I have to do biz networking for 1 hour today” and it will track your progress and keep you on track! I can rely on Alexa to be a consistent and helpful assistant for these tasks. 

Anyone with one kid, let alone three, can totally understand that parents will try anything to get the kiddos to calm down. I need to change it up when it comes to getting my kids to relax and honestly, sometimes they just don’t want to hear my voice. When we say, “Alexa, Calm now,” she helps with maintaining calm in our home. Whether it is an exercise in shaking our the fire-ants in your pants or practicing breathing exercises, Alexa can somehow lead us all into a calm and relaxed place. It works for me, too! When I am stressing out about work or life I simply say, “Alexa, Calm now” and it works!
Amazon Alexa “Life Hack” Skills are pretty amazing and really have me singing, “Alexa, make my life easier” every day. Alexa is more than just an assistant…she is an extension of me but with the vast wealth of knowledge the internet provides. Just give it a whirl…and I bet you will thank me! I mean, you’ll thank Alexa.  
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10 thoughts on “Life: Hacked! with Alexa’s Skills”

  1. I’m going to be honest here. My only experience with Alexa was at my sister’s house. My brother in law was always yelling at Alexa to play music and I thought that was all it could do. I thought it was a waste. All it does is play music? Nah. I’m good. Then other people started mentioning a few more things. Okay. A little better but still not something I need. YOU have me convinced. I had NO clue it could do so much. It’s definitely going on my wish list now.

  2. I’m realizing that I’m not utilizing my Alexa as much as I should! I had no idea Alexa could do so much!

  3. We have been considering getting an Alexa. We have the Apple version Homepod but it doesn’t even done like half of the things Alexa does! I think that’s what we will do for Christmas this year is get an Amazon Alexa!

  4. Allison Cooper

    It’s pretty amazing what Alexa can do to make your life move much more smoothly. I think we might need to add one of these to our living space!

  5. We love our Amazon Echo and use it all the time for music. I need to try out the skills to upgrade our experience!

  6. We love our Alexa devices and are still learning new things all the time. I love the “Calm now” tip and will definitely try it. We always need more calm in our house.

  7. My husband wont let us setup an Alexa or google home. I think it may be useful at times, but something about having a microphone active that is listening constantly. Sounds crazy Im sure, but privacy is something we have less and less of. Very useful and futuristic.

  8. I have been so hesitant to get something like Alexa. Not sure why, but I am. Your information is really helpful in making the decision though. Thanks.

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