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Let’s Decorate for the Holidays

I cannot believe the holiday season is here! We’ve begun decorating our home for the holidays and I thought I’d share with everyone what I have in my online carts to complete our space. Things like artificial Christmas trees, special ornaments, a little star and Santa Claus items are at the top of our list. Here is everything that makes for the perfect holiday decor!

Christmas Trees

Firstly, these days there are so many different Christmas tree options. You can go pick one from a Christmas tree farm, which is always a fun activity to do with your family! They also do make for the perfect tree. The next option is an artificial tree. A faux tree versus a real tree seems to be a debate for people, but the reality is that both options are great. If you have an allergy to plants, go for the faux tree. But if you want to make a whole activity out of it, this really is a great childhood memory to create with your family.

Secondly, another option we love is a tabletop Christmas tree. Specifically, a tabletop tree is just a small Christmas tree that can be used solely as a table decoration. These are normally artificial trees, which is great because you can store them in the off season and pull them out each year.

Tree Decor

This is another category that has endless options. The first that comes to mind is ornaments. Christmas ornaments make the tree feel more homey and really help get you into the holiday spirit. Larger ornaments take up more space and are less of a choking hazard if you have really little one’s, so I always suggest those. For instance, I like having a few that have special meanings to them that maybe don’t go with sets. It just feels like a tradition to put them on a tree. Specifically, I love a big bow! You can actually make bows and use them as ornaments for your tree. Add garland and top it off with a star or an angel and you are good to go!

Hannukah Decorations

Moreover, we can’t forget about Hannukah! It begins on the eve of the 18th this year and deserves just as much celebration and decorations as Christmas. I’ve found some absolutely stunning menorahs online! I love a good gold or brass choice. Although, Jonathan Adler has some fantastic pieces that are more modern. For example, I suggest checking out Anthropologie, West Elm, Nordstrom or Pottery Barn, as they have some beautiful options. The Star of David is also another important symbol you can include in decoration in so many different ways. You can choose artwork or pottery to display.

The Winter Spirit

Finally, if you’re not super religious, you can still enjoy the most wonderful time of the year! There are tons of fun ways to decorate your home for the new season. For instance, swap out throw pillows for more wintry options. Another easy fix is grabbing a winter related doormat. The small ways add up and can bring a good winter spirit into your home.

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Firstly, I cannot get over how perfect this wreath is! I love the little houses and the fact that it lights up is so fun!
This is a stunning menorah! If you’re looking for a new one or one to give as a gift, this is an elegant option!
Has anyone else been loving the snow dusted faux trees? They are so magical! This one is a fantastic price and QVC actually has a ton of great trees to look at!
Something I love to decorate my entryway table with is these little village houses! This designer has some of the best stuff, it is all so cute!
Ornaments are something you can get each year to add as a tradition! They also make great gifts. I’ve been obsessed with this entire line of ornament options!
These trees are adorable! I love to decorate by my front door or on tables as a holiday center piece.
As you know, I love to add a touch of pink to any occasion! I fell in love with these little nutcrackers. The pastel is perfection!
Swapping out doormats is a great way to welcome a new season! This one is fun while still being versatile.
When I saw this, I knew I needed it! It’s pink while still smelling like nostalgia on Christmas. It makes for a great gift, as well!
Another seasonal swap I like to make is throw pillows! These are great because they work for the entire winter, as it’s more of a snow theme!
This is another beautiful piece that can truly be displayed year round! It looks amazing as the centerpiece, especially around the holidays.
Now how cute is this?! I love having a tree skirt to add to the look of the tree, it really ties it all together!
Moreover, we love to decorate our mantle with little Christmas trinkets! These are way too cute and bring a little warmth to the space with their sherpa feel.
Furthermore, this is actually more versatile than it looks. It can stay above a bar cart all year, as a cute little saying!
Finally garland is a great decoration because it can go so many places! On a railing, entry table, mantle, dining table, etc. This is a great, full option!

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18 thoughts on “Let’s Decorate for the Holidays”

  1. Your decoration is out of this world wow!!! I looooove the tree and how all the colors are coordinated. You gave me a ton of ideas to work with, thank you so much.

  2. We have all three tree options in our home. We go and select a real one for our living room, and then we have a 6ft artificial one in our kitchen and diner, and I have a small tabletop one in my office to feel festive while I am working x

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