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Shopping Snow Gear: LoveShackFancy x Bogner Fire+Ice

Winter is here and with that comes ski and snow activities! I am always looking for new gear and have been refreshing my browser waiting for the ultimate collab to launch! LoveShackFancy x Bogner Fire + Ice collections are always the best! I look forward to grabbing items like ski pants, puffer jackets, ski jackets and winter gear. If you know me, you know the LoveShackFancy brand is my absolute favorite of all time! Moreover, they have locations in New York and around the country, but you can shop everything online. bogner’s incredible skiwear mixed with the perfect patterns from LSF are enough to keep me excited all winter long. Let’s chat about the collection!


This is one of the most versatile collections they’ve had so far. There are truly so many pieces to choose from, it’s hard to know where to begin. So let’s start with jackets! They have it all! There are ski jackets, puffers and fleeces. Moreover, with different styles and lengths featuring inimitable flower prints designed by the founder, Rebecca Cohen, these choices are iconic fire! Technical gear is something people can be particular about, but Willy Bogner knows how to make great snow gear. I love that there are so many different length options. While cropped jackets are on trend and super cute, having longer lengths to keep the bum warm in freezing temperatures is essential!


Furthermore, as far as pants go, there are options ranging from snow and ski pants to leggings. For instance, I like to wear leggings under all of my ski wear, kind of like long johns for an added layer of warmth. Specifically, the leggings in this collection are super cute and play with the playfulness of traditional floral prints the brand is known for. Henceforth, having pants to wear around the resort are great too and you can throw on your ski pants on top of these! The ski pants come with matching coats, as well for everyone who likes sets!

One Pieces

Sometimes it’s just easier to wear a bib! One pieces are simple because they just slip on over your layering pieces and you throw a coat on for the day. You’re good to go! They also are really comfortable and you don’t have to worry about having to keep pulling your bottoms up. The collection offers a few choices with stunning floral prints.


I love when they have shoe drops! This collection offers the choice between two shoes, although you can totally get both! One is a sneaker option and one are a pair of great snow boots! The sneakers are an elevated winter design featuring a high top. While the boots have a ton of protection and warmth, while still being able to walk well in them.


Finally, accessories are always fun to shop for! There are a few hats, neck protection options and bags in this drop. The neck options are gators, where they are thick fleece protection pieces for extra warmth. For example, the hats range from baseball cap styles to winter hats with the cute balls and draw strings on them. To finish off, there are floral bags to hold any items you need to travel with. Everything matches the collection and is perfect for winter!

What are your favorite pieces from this collaboration?

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Firstly, how comfy does this look?! I’m loving the purple floral too, it brings a little warmth to winter.
Secondly, having something to wear under snowpants and be able to walk around a ski resort with is essential. These are the perfect leggings for the winter ski season!
We need a top to go with the leggings! This is also a fantastic option for layering out on the slopes.
My girls have been loving fanny packs lately! They like to wear them crossbody and this one was too cute to pass up on!
I cannot get over how perfect these boots are! I love the floral pattern, but also the fact that they will keep you warm and are easy to walk in.
A fleece jacket is a go to for me on ski trips! It’s great to layer with, but also so comfy to lounge around in.
I love these types of neck protection pieces for skiing! They are easy to put on and really keep you bundled up out there!
This is a great jacket option that comes in a set with ski pants. I love the pattern and it really keeps you warm!
These are the matching snow pants! I love anything floral, especially bringing it into the winter. And these are some amazing quality snow pants.
Having a bag handy to hold everything is necessary for me! I love this option for on the go items.
Furthermore, some people love a one piece and I am one of those people, as well! It makes it so much easier to get ready and it’s a full look in one.
Specifically, these are cool shoes! They are so on trend and are a great ski trip sneaker, they just fit the whole vibe.
Moreover, a good hat is hard to come by. This one is so soft and warm and I love the little strings at the end of it!
Finally, I always have a harder time finding longer fleeces. Everything is cropped these days! I like the longer look for extra warmth and length.

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18 thoughts on “Shopping Snow Gear: LoveShackFancy x Bogner Fire+Ice”

  1. Most people find it hard to believe, but even though I am in my 50’s, I have never gone skiing! I’m not a fan of low temperatures, and that is the primary reason why. But with gear like this, I could be convinced to give it a try.

  2. I love these selections! We’re planning a trip to Colorado so this will be the perfect girly combination I need to look cute while on the slopes!

  3. I love the colors because it looks unique and the look is good. I haven’t gone skiing this winter or anything. But this would be good to use it. Thank you for the snow gear suggestion!

  4. This snow gear collection looks so nice and such a perfect wardrobe for this winter season! Every item is cozy, comfy, and very comfortable to wear!

  5. That looks very comfortable and snuggly to be in. We don’t have snow here, but a friend of mine is currently telling me how cold it is in Vancouver right now, haha! I’ll tell her to gear up.

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