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Kids Shopping File: Carousel New York

It’s always fun and exciting when a new children’s shop online opens. While I love in-store shopping, as it’s my form of therapy, I do find it hard to find the time to actually get to the store. Online shopping is the next the best thing, and I love having sites in my back pocket that I know I could turn to for cool and fashionable clothing. SITC had a chance to speak with new site, Carousel New York’s owner Shin Fen and we are so excited to be offering $100 GIFTCARD to shop on Carousel New York’s online shop.
photo 4
Siella wearing The Brand grey leggings.
When and why was Carousel New York launched?
Carousel New York was launch in the fall of 2013.
I’ve been preparing for this store for the past 3 years, ever since my daughter was born.
Being a mother definitely changes me a lot, from life style to my shopping dynamics.
I spend more time searching for the cutest pair of baby leggings than a pairs of new skinny jeans for myself.
I collected a long list of bookmark links in my laptop, from kids fashion blog, European web shops for kids, kids toy shops, to kids travel sites. As my passion has always been in fashion and trends, being a mother just took this passion to a slight turn into kids fashion. I enjoy doing extensive research online, learning and discovering all these talented designers and great brands from all over the world.
The Carousel New York idea got serious after my daughter got accepted to a full-time preschool last winter. I started reaching out to brands and working with a web designer to build the website. It was definitely a very rush project with lots of unexpected accidents, but I’m glad I did it.

photo 1 Ryder is wearing Indikidual Bert long sleeve tee

Where are you based, and is there any plans for a store front?
As the name suggested, Carousel New York is based in New York, where me and my family live.
For now we only have the website and also a very small showroom/office/storage in the West Village, right next to the Children’s Museum of Art.
Having a store front was actually my original plan. I actually had a neighborhood in my mind already. However, since I was a full-time mom for the past few years so we decided to make the transition slow and keep things manageable for now. I think it is easier for me and my family to get used to the idea of me having a job. But yes, I do want to have a store front to showcase all our beautiful selected items and I believe there is still a group of shoppers who prefer to shop in stores even though the eCommerce is so popular and convenient nowadays.

photo 1 copy

The Brand Peplum top 

Can you tell us about some of the brands you carry on the site? 
We are carrying 13 new brands for this Autumn-Winter (AW2013) seasons. I love all them and I’m very happy with all our selections;
Macarons has its very unique textiles that you rarely see elsewhere.
Tinycottons is a new brand from Spain and they make the cutest and sofest baby onesies.
Patachu is a Japanese brand that I accidentally found it while searching for a new dress for my daughter 2 years ago. It definitely has some Japanese touch in its clothing styles and the textiles they use.
Velveteen makes lovely clothes for girls. We are receiving its Holiday Collection next week and can’t wait to put them online.

photo 2

What are some of the trends you are seeing for holiday?
– Animal pattern
– Matellic color
– Always pastel pink for girls
– Bows
– Lace

photo 2 copy

What is next for Carousel?
I got to say, I’m very excited about the SS2014 collections since I have more time preparing and buying for the next season. We will have American Outfitters, Molo Kids, Munster Kids, Eleven Paris, Louise Misha and a lot more. I love learning about new brands so introducing my discoveries to my shoppers will always be very important to me. 
I want to establish an image for Carousel New York as the store that carries exciting, diverse, and high quality kids clothing and accessories. Also, as we are so new, we are always working on improving our website and customer services. We want to make the site content more attractive and useful to our visitors. We want to make sure the navigation is easy and clear for everyone. We want to make sure we always packing orders the way we love to receive our own packages. We want to make sure we have enough time to attend every customer requests. Just a lot more to improve!!
Also, before we are able to have our own store front, I want to have a showroom that is big enough for people to come visit. It is a space for those who wants to learn more about the clothes they see on the website. I know our items look pretty nice from the pictures, but I’m very confident that you will be way more impressed when you get to see them in person.


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For more information visit www.carouselny.com

SITC was not compensated for this post but did receive samples. 

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  1. What an amazing giveaway. Thank you so much Brianne. I love everything on the site but if I had to choose one, I would say the Shampoodle.

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