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No Sleep Till College

As I sit here writing this, completely crossed eyed and ready to pass out, because of the lack of sleep that has been going on in our home. Our daily life has been completely been turned upside down. Gemma has not even slept through the night once, and Siella is back to her usual shenanigans of waking up all hours of the night and not wanting to go back to sleep. I feel the need to share what happened in our home last night because I am in tears and horrified it might happen again tonight. Our situation continues to get worse and worse.


I went to bed around 11pm, exhausted, but I had to finish up some articles and answer the never ending emails that pour into my inbox. By midnight, Siella was at my bedside asking to come into bed with us. I scooped her into our bed and with that she woke up Gemma. I tried to let her cry for a bit in hopes she would go back to sleep, but wound up feeding her just so I could get back to sleep. After I fed her she went back down, and proceeded to wake up around 2:30am. At this point, I then took her into Siella’s bed and nursed her again till she and I both fell back to sleep. I then was woken up at 3:30am to the sound of Siella whining like a crazy person because she didn’t see me in the bed. I then left Gemma sleeping in Siella’s bed (the bed is against the wall) to see what on earth could she want. She proceeded to carry on whining, wanting me to take her potty, and eventually waking up Gemma. So now at 4am Jason, Siella, Gemma, and myself are all wide awake. Siella didn’t go back to sleep and hasn’t crashed as of yet. But the bags under her eyes tell me any minute now. I am also forecasting the 3pm meltdowns.


Needless to say, I am at my breaking point. No joke, I haven’t slept more than a three hour slot since Gemma has been born. Seriously! And with lack of sleep comes me being irritated, exhausted, and barely functioning. For the kids come the tantrums, meltdowns, fighting with each other, and just not behaving. It’s beyond frustrating to say the least because they are not bad kids, they just lack sleep. And I am completely at a loss.

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I’ve been letting a lot of things go these past fews weeks because I am just too tired to wrap my arms around it. I know Gemma doesn’t need to be fed a night, she’s not hungry, but doesn’t take a pacifier and nursing is the only way that soothes her. And I should totally be more strict with Siella, but when you are desperately needing like an hour of sleep, you will do anything!



But as tired as I am right now, I’m going to confront this sleep sitch happening. I have just hired a sleep consultant! Maybe this will work for us, maybe not, or maybe it’s time for a bigger living space? Suggestions are welcomed!

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14 thoughts on “No Sleep Till College”

  1. What’s the sleeping situation with the kids? Who sleeps in what room? Eloise is now two and still the world’s worst sleeper. She just moved to a toddler bed after she threw herself over the edge of her crib and hurt herself. I have to lock the door to keep her in there – she sleeps through the night maybe 3 nights out of 7. I feel your pain. Sleep deprivation is the absolute worst thing about parenting.

    1. You are not kidding, sleep dep can literally break a parent! Unfortunately all three kids are in the same room. And the problem is usually them not waking up each other, it’s usually just one after another waking after I put one to bed. So it’s mostly on me.

  2. I feel for you-truly. I have one, and she did not sleep through the night until 18 months. Then until about 3 she was up at 5:30am every day (she did nap until about 3.5). Finally at 4 she began to sleep until 7:30/8am with a bedtime of 8:30. However I would say almost every night she comes into my bed. I don’t care, as long as we both sleep I’m fine with it. I figure one day she’ll sleep in her own bed through the night, right now I’m just happy to sleep!

    1. Hi Beth – Thank you so much for sharing. I’ll take the sleep over the bad habits anyway! I will keep you posted on how it goes! Sweet dreams mama..

  3. Oh my heart goes out to you I know how cranky I am without sleep. I’ve heard the cry it out method works for some and skipping the afternoon naps wears them out. Good luck

    1. Thanks Candace. I am trying out the cry it out but in moderation form. I will keep you posted! I think it’s worse because they are tag teaming me. 😉

  4. You are SO not alone and thank you for writing something so honest! I feel like all
    I read lately are success stories! We do the exact same thing here. Would love to hear what the sleep consultant says to do about night waking!

  5. Oh Brianne, I am so sorry. Sleep deprivation is an incredibly hard part of parenthood. It too broke me on many occasions. Both of my kids didn’t sleep well for their first year of life. I did find help in parts of Weissbluth’s book – Healthy Sleep Habits Happy Child. The whole sleep begets sleep theory was true for my kiddos. Even earlier bedtimes and trying to get the little ones to rest in the day helped. Also..there is a GOLDEN paragraph in regard to fathers…it actually worked with both of my kiddos. Weissbluth suggests that if babies are cared for by their father’s when they wake in the middle of the night (and are accustomed to nursing at that time) they will eventually sleep bc they can’t nurse. This actually eventually helped both my kids. But with that being said…all kids are so very different. What is right for one isn’t necessary right for all. You are such a great mama with an amazing intuition for your children. I hope that your sleep consultant helps you get some much needed rest. xxx

    1. Thanks Monica, I do have that book and probably haven’t opened it since Ryder was young! I would love to use the husband aspect of it (when he’s home of course!) I’m going to dig the book out now. Thank you xx

  6. I hear you, have you called Dr Natalie Barnett – 7 Oaks Sleep Science? I have a 3 year old and 8 mth old twins and this week we’re finally sleeping. Nat is practical and smart and gets results. Sevenoakssleep.com

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