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Jumping into the Coquette Trend

A fashion trend that has been appearing recently on social media is something called the coquette trend. At first, I wasn’t sure what exactly the coquette aesthetic meant. As soon as I looked into it, I realized coquette style is something I’ve been doing for years! This trend is based on more than just pink bows, but style trends that include the soft girl look. This is dainty materials styled in the easiest ways. The fashion industry is constantly changing, but I’d have to say that the coquette look is one of the most aesthetic trend movements I’ve loved in a long time! Trends can feel intimidating or like a waste of time sometimes, but coquette fashion is something we can all incorporate into our daily looks. Let’s break down today’s coquette viral trends and chat through the top pieces every coquette girl needs in their life.

soft pinks coquette

What is Coquette?

Firstly, if you’re still not getting the concept, I’m here to break it down for you! Think of dainty dresses, pearl necklaces, the pink bow trend or the color pale pink or any pink for that matter. I’d say soft pinks and neutral colors are the most feminine elements, which is what this quiet luxury trend focuses on the most! Not only is it one of the most popular trends right now, but it’s for people of any age.


Adding in more pink and feminine clothing is a great start to the flirty feel of this fashion look. For instance, soft or vintage floral prints, soft pink, lace blouses, puff sleeves and bows of all kinds are the best way to nail this trend cycle. Henceforth, it may have begun as a TikTok trend, but the feminine silhouette is something to celebrate. And hair bows are always a yes from me!


How to Style it

Moreover, let’s get into actually styling these pieces. One thing you should know is that there is no specific body type this is meant for. It works for everyone! The mixture of fabrics, textures and fits of each piece are incredibly flattering and it’ll just be a matter of mixing and matching to feel your best! I think any color trend that involves a pink color is something I’m all about! An easy way to start this pop culture trend is with frilly socks and a hair bow. These are simple swaps for new ways to try out this trend.

ribbons, bows

Furthermore, this doesn’t just apply to fashion choices. It can be homeware and beauty! Keep everything to soft pints, frills and bows and you are going to become the human version of the pink bow emoji. Searching the hashtag #coquette on Pinterest, Instagram or TikTok is a great way to pull inspiration.

coquette fashion

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coquette accessories

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coquette trend

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