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The Coziest Winter Boots for the Season

Investing in a good pair of boots are great value and while we are entering a brand new season, it’s essential to have sturdy pairs. From skiing to snow hikes, errands in the sleet and more, we are shopping for cold weather boots that will last you seasons to come. All price points are included and I’m throwing in a few fun pairs, as well. No matter what your harsh weather needs are, there will be a pair of boots for everyone to shop from this winter. Henceforth, let’s chat about the styles we’re seeing this season!

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Snow Boots

Secondly, it’s officially cold weather ski season! And with winter weather comes extreme cold temperatures, which can give you cold feet. The heat escapes through feet quickly, so it’s essential to get the warmest boots for everyday wear in your cold-weather wardrobe. Moreover, on top of daily wear, we need ski and snowboard boots for winter conditions. If you plan on being outdoors, a waterproof membrane and excellent traction are necessities for colder climates. I love Ugg boots as much as the next girl, but they are fashion boots compared to winter footwear for something like long hikes or harsh conditions. Rather than going for the best budget winter boot, make the wet snow a good reason to splurge on boots that will last for seasons to come.

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Transitional Boots

Firstly, as we enter cold climates, comfortable boots are something I’m shopping for quickly. If you can get waterproof boots, I think that is the ultimate snag for cooler weather and unpredictable climate. Since there’s snow, I don’t tend to grab a classic look for boots because I worry about them getting ruined from sleet and salt. For instance, Moon Boots or Sorel both have a wide range of top picks in my book. Pay close attention to how well you can walk in these boots and how much warmth they give you. A practical boot for events and snow is a chunky chelsea boot. It’s an excellent choice for style meeting the warmest winter boot for winter use. Be sure to spray down your shoes with weatherproof spray for harsh winters!

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Fun Options

Finally, I’m all about having a fun shoe in my closet! I suggest having one fun pair of boots in your closet to step out of your comfort zone with. Life is about having fun and expressing ourselves and a pair of shoes is one way to do it! Make sure you can get wear out of them rather than just one event because investing in good quality boots is no game. Moreover, it doesn’t just apply to color, it can be a style of boot, length of heel or material. I’ve pulled a few exciting options out of the neutral stack for this brand new season we are entering. Cold-weather boots are worn daily, so we should have a pair of winter boots we look forward to rocking all season long!

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Firstly, let’s start with a fun pair! I know these aren’t the cutest, but they are the comfiest! I call these fashion boots because they can’t withstand a snow storm but I do run all my errands in them.
Secondly, these are Siella’s favorite! We wear them to ski and travel in for harsh weather conditions and they can withstand anything.
Thirdly, I love the height these give and the sherpa material keeps me cozy. They’re neutral for daily wear, too!
Metallic in the winters are so cool. The snow reflects off them and they add some fun to any look. A sneaker boot is durable and practical.
I love the look of these! Seriously how cozy do these look for a freezing cold day?
You know I love cream! These are a staple Chelsea boot that can be worn for errands or even with jeans and they keep my feet so warm.
We’re calling these winter boots! I mean, we wouldn’t wear them in the summer, so it’s safe to say these are a fashion staple for the season.
Furthermore, these are another great Chelsea boot. They are more on the fashion side but I actually think these work for a few seasons.
I can see myself wearing these for Aprés Ski season! They are so fun and comfy.
Moreover, every girl needs a platform boot for the winter. These are not only practical but I also get some good height in the winter.
These are on the more affordable side and they will last you years! I love the pop of pink.
Finally, not only are these currently on sale but they are so fun! The perfect shade of silver and so cozy.

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