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Ski Looks for the Slopes

As we make our final winter travel plans and book our ski resort, we are starting to shop for ski essentials. We have a few ski trips planned this season, but we also like to play in the snow. Shopping for these weather conditions is a must! Much more than ski socks and lip balm, the most important thing about prep for your next ski trip is essentials to keep warm. With years of experience in winter outdoor activities, I feel like I have a pretty good idea of the type of gear needed on those extra cold days. New technology in outerwear is at its best season! There are improved hand warmers and an outer layer that is not only a waterproof jacket but has heat technology!

With a whole new winter season of snow upon us, it’s time to head to the ski shop for some extra warmth for all of your ski destinations this year!

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Base Layers

Firstly, a good base layer is the foundation for warmth in cold temperatures. These are the items that regulate your body temperature and keep you extra warm on the coldest days. The ski industry has tons of options these days, which is a good thing. It’s an absolute necessity and perfect layers for Après Ski as well. I tend to go for the matching sets. This is because they are easier to throw together, although they usually aren’t seen as they’re under all the clothes. You know me, I love some fun florals and pinks so I tend to grab these colors and patterns for extra layers on a long day of skiing.



Secondly, this is the layer that is most visible, but will be the one that blocks the wind for you. While I do love puffy coats, it’s more important that skiin essentials are comprised of a waterproof ski jacket that is an outer shell to also prevent any wind burn from getting to you. Skip the light weight options and go for that cold weather windproof shell. The North Face and Bogner have my favorite ski jackets. Not only do they have some really adorable options, but they keep me warm. At the end of the day, warmth is more important than fashion, but we do love style around here. A ski jacket that has matching ski pants or snow pants is always a win in my book! If this is your first ski trip, make sure you go practical over cuteness!

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Finally, this category may be the smallest, but it can also be the mightiest! It’s the little things that add up to being the most important for your next ski vacation. Items such as snow boots, ski goggles, hats, scarves, waterproof gloves and merino wool socks are a few items I make sure to have each year. Design elements can be fun, but having products with better performance and great quality is really the main thing you’ll want on the slopes. Taking good care of your gear can make a huge difference, too, because a lot of this stuff lasts for years! So if your items are in good condition, you don’t need to have a shopping spree on expensive ski gear annually. Take note of these extras as a first-time skier or someone who maybe hasn’t been in awhile. I know I have to make a list to shop from and it’s a great place to start!

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Floral Fleece // Floral Fleece Collar // Floral Mittens // Bright Pink Puffer // Silver Snow Pants // Star Base Layer // Teal Puffer // Floral Vest // Tie Dye Puffer // Tie Dye Snow Pants // Snowsuit // Pink Ski Puffer // Pink Ski Pants // Floral Base Layer Top // Floral Base Layer Leggings // Snowflake Base Layer Top // Snowflake Base Layer Leggings


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