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Shop The Top Spring Shoe Trends

It’s no secret that I am obsessed with shopping for new shoes. Spring shoes are a great reason to revamp my closet for the warmer months. I personally believe that you can never have too many shoes. And with the change in seasons, we get to incorporate more shoes that we haven’t been able to wear for awhile, like sandals and mesh flats,which are major spring shoe trends! Finding shoes that I can walk long distances in the city in is something I always have on my mind. A classic silhouette, bright colors and chunky loafers were all seen during Fashion Week, so I’ve taken to online shopping to gather a list of the top shoe trends in spring fashion. These are our footwear styles we are loving for the spring season!

spring shoes

Shoe Trends

Firstly, I love the hottest trends just as much as the next girl, but there is one major thing to remember. Trends come and go, but they’re still really fun! I think it’s all about intentions when it comes to purchasing pieces that are trendy. Sometimes they are only in style for a short period of time, so you want to find ways to keep them useful in your closet. For instance, this can be the chunky dad sneakers, a pop of color in a sky-high stilleto or ballet flats for the new season! A few trends I’m noticing this spring are fisherman sandals, cowboy boots, platform shoes and slouchy boots. All of which are totally trends that are here to stay for awhile! Find your new shoe options by drawing inspiration from fashion month.

spring shoes

Shop with a Budget

Secondly, we can sometimes go over the top when it comes to shopping for new pairs of shoes. We’ve all done it and it’s easy to get excited and carried away. Creating a budget for the season to shop with can aid in this. You can shop for practical shoes and spend less on them to get more or splurge on the one’s you’ve had your eye on and just get a ton of wear out of them. There’s really no wrong way to go about it, it’s all about how you’re feeling and what you think you need and want in your closet. There’s nothing wrong with setting a budget for shopping, it can hold all of us accountable for our actions.

spring shoes

A pair of shoes goes a long way, especially if they are comfortable enough to walk in all over the city and can easily pair with anything in your closet. Fashion trends all have dupes at affordable prices, so you can find the right shoe for the new season. A good reason to shop for new shoes is if some need to be replaced. That way, you are buying something like classic sneakers over winter boots right now. The fashion crowd is always two steps ahead, though!

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Practical Shopping

Finally, you know how I am with getting use out of all of our closet staples and new styles! Practicality is everything, especially living in a major city where there is a ton of walking. I want to have shoes that I can not only be comfortable getting from point a to point b in, but shoes that I will get a ton of wear out of. Our closets are only so big here! But seriously, it’s good to be able to get enough wear out of the items we purchase. Shoes that I think are practical are a pair of white sneakers, neutral peep-toe pumps, a good block heel and ballet flats.

spring shoe trends

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