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Giving Back To School

The Back-to-School frenzy is in full swing over here, but I want to fully enjoy the last few precious weeks of summer before the grind. This means I have to minimize the amount of time I spend shopping for school stuff. It is really hard to find a place to get all the kids covered from head-to-toe.
IMG_9374One of the best places for affordable back to school gear and basically the one-stop shopping mecca for the whole family is JCPenney. The best part about shopping there is that they help ensure that kids head back to school confident and prepared with an impressive assortment of on-trend styles and basics they need to start the year off right. JCPenney really supports moms and appreciates how hectic our schedules are, so to be able to check off everything on our back-to-school list under one roof is amazing.

IMG_9426 IMG_9428JCPenney is also one of those do-good companies that takes corporate responsibility seriously. And that’s something I can get behind. JCPenney has been working with local YMCA’s for years but now they are partnering with the Y on a national scale to help support moms and their kids in every community through grants, donations, volunteerism and events. JCPenney associates will also have the opportunity to connect with their local Y branch to volunteer in a number of ways, including tutoring and mentoring.

IMG_9278 IMG_9369This partnership makes shopping for back to school so worth it for us because I want to support a good cause. I try to instill a sense of social responsibility in my children and we try to give back to the community whenever and wherever we can. If my back-to-school shopping can also benefit a good cause—I’m totally in!

IMG_9249To celebrate the partnership with YMCA nationwide, JCPenney is currently running several amazing promotions; like an additional 15% off coupons for customers using Pokemon Go and $13 Arizona Kids jeans during Penney Saturdays. Hit the big Back to School sales for Penney this weekend!


Also, from now until September 2, 2016 for every pair of Arizona Jeans sold, JCPenney will donate $1 to support the Y’s Academic Achievement Initiative, which helps support academically at-risk students from early learning readiness to after-school and summer learning programs. Through academic support, healthy activities and enrichment opportunities, the Y helps boost kids’ grades and reduce their risk-taking behavior throughout the school year.


You know I love jeans and I just recently got all three kiddos to start loving them, too. We just picked up a few pairs of Arizona jeans and the kids are especially excited to wear clothes that benefit a good cause. I can’t wait for them to start wearing their new Arizona jeans to school! As much as I love summer, I am kind of excited for jeans and sweaters, although I’ll deny that statement come February. Check out JCPenney for head-to-toe back to school wardrobe for the entire family! #SoWorthIt

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  1. It’s so true about wanting to squeeze the last little bit out of summer but feeling pressure to get ready for Back To School instead! I always head to our local JCP for my kids precisely because I can get so much accomplished in one shopping trip!

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