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SITC Back To School Guide + Giveaway

This season, Stroller In The City scouted everything you need for a stylish, trendy and most importantly healthy staples in kicking off the new school year. Some of these brands have become my favorites over the years, and some are recently discovered gems I’m psyched to introduce. Since all of these vendors offer different product lines, you will be completely set up for the back to school season. And the best part, one lucky SITC reader will have the chance to WIN the entire guide!

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Old Navy is your one stop shop for Back-To-School shopping. Kids can get everything needed for their closet – from awesome stretchy jeans, crazy-comfy hoodies and the softest tees ever- in just one trip. Old Navy offers styles that are effortlessly cool and playfully optimistic. This fall, it’s all about stretch in bottoms for both boys and girls. Some of my favorite styles include: Boho Dresses, Ballerina Jean and Printed Denim for girls, and Built-In-Flex Jean and Jogger, and Graphic Tees for boys.


While the back-to-school season brings excitement for kids, for parents, it brings the dread of back-to-school shopping. The Zappos mobile app makes it easy! With free next business day shipping on all orders from the app and free returns, there’s no need to stress about whether or not things will fit correctly. Whether your kids are trendsetters, music majors, track stars or adventure lovers, Zappos.com has a head-to-toe outfit for every student and every personality this back-to-school season.

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Bitsy’s Smart Cookies and Smart Crackers are USDA Organic, non GMO fruits and veggies snacks for your kiddies. We are huge fans of this healthy yet fun brand and they always make their way into my children’s lunch and snack boxes. With flavors like, Orange Chocolate Beet, Sweet Potato Oatmeal Raisin, and Zucchini Gingerbread Carrot, my children cannot get enough of these healthy treats. Betsy’s Brainfood snacks are available nationwide at Target.


Tickle Water is a premium naturally flavored sparkling water that just debuted in the marketplace in May. The flavors include Sparkling Water, Green Apple, Watermelon, and Cola. While primarily for children, adults can enjoy as well! Each flavor is free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sodium, sugar, calories, and artificial sweeteners! Their goal is to get little ones excited about staying hydrated!

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Perfect for daycare, preschool and on the go. These Bedgear Performance Toddler Nap Pad’s are made with Flo-Foam fill that provides comfortable support for your little ones. Made with Dri-Tec® fabric to keep your child cool and comfortable during nap time. Available in mint and pink, these pads are machine washable, hypo allergenic and have a removable pillow.


Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 7.10.14 AM

Ella’s Kitchen have been growing with my family since I first introduced them to solids. Super excited for their newest addition, the Aloe Water Juice Blend Drinks. They are certified USDA organic and perfect for big kids on the go! Made with organic fruit juice + puree; never from concentrate and no added flavors or sugar. Available in two delicious flavors ─ Amazing Blueberry Apple and Super Strawberry Lemonade. While we love aloe vera’s gel for its soothing properties, we especially love its juice for what it can do for hydration. Aloe Vera juice has also been known to help support a happy + healthy immune system!

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While we love Skip Hop’s Zoo Animals, have you checked out their latest backpacks for the bigger kiddies? They feature a window that shows the lunch bag inside its own dedicated compartment…so you’ll never leave home or school without it! With room for full size folders – along with special pockets for artwork and notes – this cool-for-school backpack is a truly “unforgettable” choice. Each of the FORGET ME NOT kids backpacks comes equipped with a matching lunch bag and reflective clip-on charm.

Screen Shot 2016-08-15 at 5.40.27 AM

Eating healthy on the go doesn’t mean you have to compromise on style. IGLOO lunch bags offer the best in cooler bag performance. The bright colors, patterns and shapes keep you looking good and your lunches fresh and cool. And with soccer season just starting, IGLOO’s Proformance Jugs are just what you need for your little ones.



Along with back-to-school comes the ever-dreaded back-to-school lunches. This year, head to the freezer aisle at Target stores to pack your kids’ lunchboxes with all of the newest additions to the Earth’s Best family, such as their frozen to thaw Organic Nutty Snack Bars or Organic Fruit Cups. We are officially obsessed!

Ultimate BTS ComboBecause you need to label everything! Mabel’s Labels Ultimate Back to School Combo includes all the durable, waterproof labels needed to keep belongings out of the lost and found. Perfect for backpacks, lunch containers, clothes, pencil cases and so much more, these labels are a must have on any busy family’s back-to-school shopping list!


OnBUY is your one-stop shop for all your back-to-school supplies. Prices drop as you shop, so imagine how many great back-to-school essentials you could score for $100!

Psyched to be giving our entire 2017 Guide away to one lucky SITC reader!

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What you’ll win: $150 Old Navy, $150 Zappos, $100 Jet Cash, Bitsy’s Brainfood SIX month supply, BedGear Toddler Nap Pad, $100 Ella’s Kitchen, $100 Earth’s Best, Custom Package of Tickle Water & Swag, Ultimate Mabel’s Label’s Package, $75 IGLOO products, Skip Hop Backpack + Lunchpack of your choice!


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83 thoughts on “SITC Back To School Guide + Giveaway”

  1. We did a big shopping trip over the weekend! We had a blast with it, too! We sang along to music to all of the stores we went to and stopped for ice cream!

  2. We spent one whole day shopping the sales for school supplies and clothes for BTS. We still
    have to brave the grocery store for lunch supplies. Maybe the store will have samples…

  3. My kiddos started back on August 5. I bought school supplies, some clothing items, one got a new back pack and both got new lunch bags.

  4. Awesome giveaway! We are a homeschool family, so we are “summer” cleaning, to make school go smoother.

  5. We are starting to get on a regular sleep schedule and I am going back to school shopping early so the stores do not run out of supplies.

  6. im trying to get us all in bed at the right time. starting to get my school charts made and of course my lists of things to buy for school


  8. I am getting prepared for back to school by organizing my shopping lists from sales ads to get the best deals on clothes, shoes and supplies. 🙂

  9. We get ready for back to school by starting early getting school supplies when they are on sale as things needed are getting more expensive. Bedtimes become earlier and clothes are laid out each night to begin getting back on schedule.

  10. We prepare by changing our summer routines one week before school starts to help slowly transition to school days.

  11. we did shopping on tax free weekend. we have to go in with a game plan and list because it gets so crowded though

  12. Jessica Tartaglia

    I would be so thrilled to have a win as wonderful as this. What a huge surprise that’s just in time for the school year. I have not done as much as I had liked to because of my Dr. taking me out of work. But we have worked on some folders, pencils and markers. Some notebooks and pens. I was able to do a little under garments for each of them But the rest I must work on. Its definitely been a challenge to get these needed basic necessities as well as take care of the living environments, but a mom will do what she’s got to do as long as her children have the basics so this is why I would be extremely excited as well as more than appreciative if I win. Good luck to everyone, and thank you for the opportunity.

  13. I have been preparing by changing my twins bedtime. Organizing storage bins so I can put their weekly uniforms and shoes for the week.

  14. i did major back to school shopping,i just have to pick few outfits for my daughter,she loves clothes from justice,she is going to 3rd grade,my son to 9th and my oldest to college.

  15. I picked up a bunch of big boxes of snacks over the summer to help with snack time so the teacher won’t have to buy as much if someone forgets to bring snacks for the class!

  16. ive been saving money for clothes and finding snacks that i can let him take that are healthy and not sugary

  17. I am struggling. Number 2 arrived on 8/5 and I am in newborn mode. My 5year old starts on Tuesday and I am struggling to get all his school supplies. Life hit a tornado!

  18. My daughter already went back but we got ready by establishing a bed time routine a week or so before she would start. we ordered some things online so going shopping was not too stressful and we also let her chose some stuff so she would be excited to go. So far, she is loving it! 🙂

  19. Hi! Pretty much new to this site but so far i love it! And i would lovee and gravely appreciated the chance to win this giveaway… Its about to be my baby brothers first year going to school and i would love to have him set for the year and be well prepared because im 16 now and thinking back on my first year in school i did not have such a smooth year i was very unprepared. I would love for him to have these items for him to have a great year! ????☺ plz and thank you

  20. Cassandra Eastman

    We prepared by clothes/shoes shopping for my 4 & 7 year old, and getting back to school supplies at Target! I need to pin some easy lunch idea on pinterest.

  21. Pingback: August ends and September begins but the Sunday Scoop giveaways continue (8-28 to 9/5)

  22. There’s no more preparations in my house… my kids have been back for a month. However, we buy along the way, so we don’t have to cram pack everything all at once.

  23. We have to have everything this year! My girls grow too fast! Uniforms, shoes and of course school supplies. But most importantly, encouragement. It’s not easy for them to move from grade to grade with new teachers and new students.

  24. We went grocery shopping for fast and on-the-go breakfast items. Also, got new clothes and school supplies. Lastly, we are ALL going to bed 1.5 hours earlier than normal.

  25. We’re preparing for back to school by trying to soak up the last bit of summer.. and also, earlier bed times! 😉

  26. My granddaughter just went back to school today and we just purchased minimal clothing as she wanted to see what everyone else is wearing and the styles before going shopping. I will give it a few weeks and then take her shopping for her clothes. We did all of the school supply shopping in July when the stores were pretty quiet which was nice.

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