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Leaping Into Preschool

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It seems like every summer, my children take a leap or hit a milestone in their development, but sometimes we don’t notice the change, until just before they start school. Recently, in a post, I wrote about the little things Gemma does and says, including one of my favorites which is her misuse of the word “he”, when she says “hims”. It’s seriously the cutest, and guilty confession, I haven’t really tried to correct her, but the other day she started corrected herself. A true sign that our little baby is sprouting.

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In September, Gemma returns to the same pre school as last year, and she couldn’t be more excited. Following her three week summer camp stint in the same facility, she hasn’t stopped singing all of the summer songs they taught, while surrounded by her school friends. I’m realizing that our baby is growing up right before our eyes, and I am doing my best to record every single one of these moments.

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Another thing to consider about growing up so quickly is the size of her clothing and shoes. She finally wears the same size as her big sis, and over the summer has grown a full shoe size. I recently teamed up with my friends at Zappos.com to try out Stride Rite’s new Leepz sneakers, which are the perfect back to school kicks. These Leepz are fun shoes that light up, which is probably the reason why Gemma was instantly obsessed. No matter where we go, she is jumping up and down, showing off her light ups. I’m digging the vibrant colors and light-up capabilities, but my favorite part is the fixed elastic lacing with velcro closure, for easy on and off. This feature helps to get her shoes on an off, all by herself.


Zappos.com is used frequently in our home. Nobody beats their fast, free shipping, and 365 day return policy. In fact, when I first ordered these for Gemma, I selected the wrong size. Within one day, the wrong size was returned and the new size at my doorstep. I honestly don’t know how they do it, but support like theirs is some of the best customer service I’ve ever experienced. Now, Ryder and Siella like these new kicks so much, they’ve asked for their own pairs of Stride Rite Leepz for back to school.

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We all get blue about the end of summer, so back to school is always bittersweet, but it’s important to remember that we have so much to look forward to, in the fall months to come. I’m psyched to see our little one leap into preschool again, and I am really looking forward to the new songs and stories she will bring home.

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  1. I feel you pain as a boy mom. Our son grows into a new size about every other month. I try to buy ahead to stay on top of it. He’s also starting to play sports. So add in sports shoes to the mix!

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