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Girl Power

#heyworld meet my girls Siella and Gemma, although still young, they are showing the world that you can still be pint size yet have fierce personalities. As a mother, I will continue to encourage their fearlessness. Maybe it has to do with raising them in New York City, that outgoing persona is definitely something that I lacked as a child. Granted some things will change as they mature, but I want to ensure they always stand up for what they believe in, despite what or who may get in their way. Friends have shared stories about the early tween years they experience with their own children, which leaves me wishing I could freeze time and enjoy these moments.

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I am certain her perspective could change, but two things Siella always claims to want to be when she grows older are “a mommy and a doctor for animals.” It completely blows me away, because I too aspired to be a veterinarian when I was younger. I remember the day that changed when I took my childhood dog to the vet and he was inundated with needles. There was no way I had the stomach for it. But I found something else that I loved; Fashion. My parents always supported me, even if I changed my mind, as they urged me to strive for whatever I put my mind to. Having grown up in that nurturing environment gives me the determination to do the same for my three. While that career path may not have been for me, I will do everything in my power to help Siella pursue her dream. This idea is reminiscent in Gap Kids newest collaboration with Ellen DeGeneres’s lifestyle brand, ED because it helps girls realize they have the power to do extraordinary things.

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The collaboration and campaign are centered on Girl Empowerment and the message that we all have the power to empower one another, encouraging girls to follow their passions, express themselves, and be proud of what makes them unique, disregarding gender stereotypes. The limited-edition apparel collection features fun bold graphic products, with inspirational messages for girls in their dresses, denim jacket, jeans, leggings, and tees, along with a capsule of inspiring graphic tees for boys. The collection is fun and can be mixed and matched to celebrate individual style.

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Every purchase from the collection continues to support Girls Inc. which inspires all girls to be strong, smart, and bold by providing life changing, experiences and solutions to the unique challenges they face. Gap is donating $250,000 to support a 10 week economic literacy program. Launching last week, the GapKidsxEd collection is colorful, fun, hip, and I am totally digging some of the slogans for my girls. Gemma’s super soft pink tee with a lion roaring “fierce” is paired with Lighting Bolt drop waist pants, that I cuffed for an added edge.

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Siella has on one of my favorites, the Statement Dress. With sayings like “shine on, just dance, and follow your passion,” surrounded with splashes of neon hues makes this dress so special. She wore it with the Statement Denim Trench, donning the same phrases, only muted in blue tones.

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If we keep encouraging, inspiring, and allowing our girls to be passionate and follow their dreams, one day they will rule the world. It’s these messages of confidence and motivation that we all need, even if they are wearing these messages on their sleeves. You can join the movement by learning more on the GapKids website and by sharing your inspirational individual stories with the hashtags #heyworld and #GapKidsxED


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9 thoughts on “Girl Power”

    by teaching this to our girls they will grow to be women who KNOW there is room enough fr us all to rock!

  2. Love this collection on your girls and I love the empowering message behind the clothing. It makes it so much more meaningful to purchase. My GAP statement rewards just came in and I have to go and check it out. 🙂

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