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SITC hosts Léman Pool Party

As we get later into the school year, discussions about summer plans and summer camp have started. Last year, I hosted a pool party with Léman Preparatory School, which resulted in Ryder and Siella attending Camp Léman for two weeks in July. The facility was so well run, that they looked forward to every day in the program, and both of them have continued talking about their wonderful experience. This summer, we are definitely going back for more fun.

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Once again, I’ve joined forces with Léman to host a neighborhood playdate with my friends and their families, along with some of my favorite NYC bloggers. With the cold and rain this past Saturday, it couldn’t have been a more ideal day for an afternoon indoors, for swimming, refreshments and a tour of the facility. Ryder and Siella were looking forward to going back to Leman this summer, so when they heard we were having another swimming event now with Gemma and the rest of their friends, they were psyched.

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One of the best features about the summer program is their flexibility. With warm weather comes unexpected trips and events, so having the ability to customize our camp schedule relives the stress of being bound by camp obligations for those days or weeks, so you have the option of choosing a minimum of just two weeks if you wish. Camp kicks off on June 27th, and runs until August 5th.

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Camp Léman is open to children as young as age 3, to those entering 5th grade. Attendees enjoy swim lessons with Red Cross-certified lifeguards (four times weekly; twice weekly for half-day campers), outdoor play on their magnificent rooftop playground, visual and performing arts, soccer, tennis, basketball, karate, golf, yoga, cooking, silly science, woodworking, block building, lego building, animal adventures and more. Each group of 12-18 children are supervised by a Head Counselor and two Counselors. All Head Counselors are Masters level-certified teachers from Léman Preparatory School, or other New York City schools.

I am super excited for all three of my littles to experience Camp Léman this summer for another incredible year. If any of you would like to enroll your little campers, SITC is offering a 10% discount on admission. Details below and for more info on Camp Léman!



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3 thoughts on “SITC hosts Léman Pool Party”

  1. I love this and you had me at flexibility. My summer is organized. My summer is set in stone. Until it’s not at all 🙂

  2. What great fun on a rainy weekend and I can’t get over how much the kiddos have grown! And it really is time to start thinking about summer camp. I think my kids may be outgrowing the spot we’ve been at for years. I have to look into this camp!

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