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Gift Of Travel {$250 Four Seasons}

When I look back at 2014 and all of our adventures including the vacations we have taken, I am beyond grateful. Our family of five has seen some pretty cool places this year; and the memories created will be ones I think my children will never forget. One thing that Jason and I have always discussed was giving our children the chance to travel. We joke that our kids have more stamps on their passports now than when we did at age 20. It’s an incredible gift to give your child and we make it our goal each year to go on at least one vacation.

Going on vacation for us means fleeing the city of our hectic schedules and daily routines for a few days. Even if our final destination is just a car ride away to the mountains, it still counts as a getaway and much needed family time, especially because Jason is away for work so often. It’s funny how we all are in sync when away from our routines.

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Our trip this year to the Four Seasons Nevis this past July was something unimaginable. It was an experience that we’ve never experienced before and realized the difference of a trip versus a vacation. Traveling with children can be hard, but the Four Seasons was so accommodating to our children that Jason and I actually experienced a carefree vacation with our kids.

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With the holidays in full swing, SITC is giving you the Gift Of Travel. I teamed up with the Four Seasons and we are offering one lucky reader a Four Seasons $250 Gift Card. This gift card can be used to cover accommodations, used for a spa treatment, Four Seasons restaurants, an Extraordinary Experience and even the luxe Four Seasons bed.

Instead of shopping this year for a bunch of things family members will not use, why not give someone the chance to experience the luxury of the Four Seasons. I am looking forward to seeing where 2015 will my family and I!

Follow the rafflecopter below for details on how to enter!

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$250 Four Seasons Gift Card


Thank you Four Seasons for sponsoring this post. 

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67 thoughts on “Gift Of Travel {$250 Four Seasons}”

  1. I would probably use it for our family so we could have a mini vacation together. It would be nice to get away even if it’s nearby and relax and spend some downtime with eachother.

  2. Take my family on a weekend to San Fran. It’s been a rough year for us all and we need a vacation. My 10yr old has been wanting to go to Alcatraz for a couple years now.

  3. I would use it to take a “staycation” in Phoenix or Scottsdale with my hubby and my kids!! It would be so nice to stay at a hotel for a weekend during the brutal summer heat!!! ~ Carrie Demas

  4. Would love to take a much needed spa day and brunch for my upcoming birthday! I don’t take a me day often.. it’s time!

  5. I would use the giftcard to help pay for an amazing trip with my mom because she deserves to be pampered and have a great time! <3

  6. I’d use it when we go visit family. I love visiting, but there is never enough space at their home. We’ll be travelling with a newborn next time and I think having the privacy of the hotel would be nice.

  7. I would use the gift card as a way to pay for a few nights in a nice place with my bf and daughter before we welcome baby #2

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