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Gift of Baby Gear { ERGObaby & ORBITbaby Giveaway}

Having the right baby gear can make a world of a difference when raising littles, especially in NYC. After 7 years and three children later, I think I know what works for our family. Over the last few years, I have tested out quite a few products in the baby gear sector and it always seems to amaze me every year how much it evolves into something more efficient for us mamas.


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One stroller in particular we like to travel around town with is our ORBITbaby G3 Stroller. We use our ORBITbaby a ton when commuting to and from school, playdates in the park, and always grocery shopping. There is definitely something about the side kick board that allows for easy transport of all three kiddies. They enjoy the ride while it makes the hustle and bustle of back and forth easier for me. I also love the 360 degree ergonomic seat which allows me to easily pull Gemma right up to our table when dining out. It’s an all-in-one stroller that makes my everyday life easy and eco-friendly. For more about ORBITbaby visit HERE.

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Another product I could not live without is my ERGObaby carrier. I’ve used Ergobaby Carriers with all three of my children, and cannot even tell you how its been a saving grace, especially when Gemma was little. I was super stoked with their new Swaddler that was introduced right when Gemma was born, which for your newborn. It was super easy to use and no worries about tucking in especially during those sleepless nights. For more of my posts about ERGObaby visit HERE.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post (Gift of Travel), this is the week of gifting on Stroller In The City. So today, I give you the Gift of Baby Gear. One lucky winner will take home an Orbit Carseat and stroller base, an Ergobaby Swaddle, and Ergobaby Wrap Carrier. This is the perfect start for any new mamas!

Follow the rafflecopter below, and Happy Holidays!
Gift Of Baby Gear

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108 thoughts on “Gift of Baby Gear { ERGObaby & ORBITbaby Giveaway}”

  1. I’d love to win for myself currently due May 4 2015 with a surprise 3rd baby! We got rid of all baby items and have to start new!

  2. Ohhh for sure for myself and my soon to arrive son that is due any day now! This is so generous! My heart is piter pattering! 😀

  3. This would be the perfect fix to my stroller conundrum! Thanks Chana Rosen for letting me know about this incredible contest ❤️

  4. I would share the win… ’tis the Season:) We dont yet have a stroller or a carseat for Baby H, so that I would keep. And what an awesome stroller! The swaddles I would gift to a coworker of my husband’s who has a newborn- so tiny. The wrap carrier I would gift to a childhood friend of mone who just had a baby boy a month ago

  5. What an amazing giveaway! I love that the new Orbit has a real basket underneath! And the side kick board! It would be perfect for my daughter! And the new Ergobaby looks awesome too!

  6. I am entering for myself, due in June and want to be as prepared as possible since with my first we ended up lacking and getting things after she was born.

  7. I would love to win this for myself. I have a baby due on the 2nd of Jan and an almost 2 year old! This would be the perfect combo for me and totally my dream stroller!

  8. Totally want this for myself. I have a 4 year old, a 3 year old, and a 7 month old and feel like I’d be less hesitant to venture out if I had better gear. That stroller looks amazing!

  9. This would be a dream come true for me! I’ve got my hands full with a 2 year old and and 5 month old with not enough money to buy these myself.

  10. I would love to win this for myself! I’m 7 months pregnant and have a 2 year old so all I’d need to do is get the side board and my life would be so much easier! it’s perfect!

  11. I would love this for my sister, she is expecting her first baby boy and is super excited, couldn’t be happier and I believe she will be so happy if she had the orbit baby. Happy holidays and god bless you and your family. 🙂

  12. I never ever win anything. This would be a blessing from your family to mine. I believe that this is such a beautiful gift and surprise if I were too win. I would be so grateful and blessed. Happy holidays.

  13. I would love to win this prize. I personally would keep the orbit baby for myself and the other items give to my mama friends with younger babies. Such an amazing giveaway to be able to participate in! Thank you for the opportunity!

  14. Due in March 2015, and these are the 2 things I need since daddy will be traveling for 6 months this would be the best baby gear to use for my baby boy and I to travel with ease !!! ***fingers crossed***

  15. I would love to win these! After 7 years, multiple miscarriages, and fertility treatments we are finally pregnant with our miracle baby! These would be perfect for her!

  16. Oh my goodness if I won I would probably cry!!! I have been dreaming about the orbit infant car seat and stroller for months! My husband and I are expecting our first baby and this would help out a ton! I would definitely share with my sisters. I would love to win a giveaway … ESPECIALLY this one!

  17. I might be the only guy that enters this … But I would like to win this giveaway for my wife. We are expecting our first baby and she has been wanting this forever. It would be awesome if I actually won!

  18. This would be perfect for my wife and little one who is on the way. This is exactly what my wife wants to get, and after multiple miscarriages, we are finally pregnant!!!!

  19. I’m hoping to win this gift for someone else. I’m still a few years from having kids, but I know this would mean the world to another family I know.

  20. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity in winning such luxury item(s). I am expecting my very 1st baby due in April 2015. This would truly be a blessing since I recently became unemployed and being a single parent this would help out my baby registry tremendously. Again, thank you in advance for the wonderful thoughts during this holiday season. I look forward to reading your blogs and gaining some mommy insights.

    Happy Holidays to you and yours!!

    Kelly H.

  21. I would like to win this for myself! We are planning to TTC soon and would love the opportunity to try some of these fabulous products!

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