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For The Busy Mama in NYC

With managing the kids’ schedules, prepping for the holidays, travel, and home renovations, it is safe to say my schedule is jam packed. During the winter months, the list of to dos expand, and we fill with anticipation and excitement of the upcoming festivities. During this season, I especially love being involved in the kids’ after school activities and events, and quality family time is paramount.

Why NYC Moms Need Jetblack | Stroller In The City

I started using Jetblack, a delivery/subscription service, in April and it has been its been like having a personal assistant ever since! Without it, I’m not sure I could stay ahead of my busy schedule. Some subscription services tend to pull from their own inventory, so their list of offerings is limited. Jetblack differs from other services, because they will pickup your items from a specified vendor. I simply text them what I need, and they text  me back with a list of suggestions. I can choose from the listed suggestions or say no more options, and they then send me more. Once I choose my item it is then delivered to my apartment. I can use the service as often as needed, and one monthly membership fee covers all delivery charges. And check this out- if I need to return an item(s), I just leave the package at my doorman, and they handle the store return. Brilliant!
Why NYC Moms Need Jetblack | Stroller In The City
I called on Jetblack for clothing purchases, everyday items like toilet paper and paper towels, children’s snacks for soccer, gift wrapped presents for their friends, and even had them order me furniture for our living room, which really came in handy with the recent renovation. After you’ve ordered your favorites, Jetblack will know all your go-to essentials to make shopping a snap. No more lists or running out last-minute. Simply text when you’re running low and they’ll take it from there.
Why NYC Moms Need Jetblack | Stroller In The City
With a bustling list of Christmas gifts for friends and family, I see many JetBlack runs in my future! In fact, I just attended their Holiday Marketplace and you wont believe the list of items they hand picked for their members. My holiday just got a whole lot easier!
Why NYC Moms Need Jetblack | Stroller In The City
Sign up now for your subscription and use code Stroller01 to receive:

Personal shopping over text message

Fast and free delivery (same or next day for most items)

Courier delivery in lightweight, recyclable bags

Free gift wrapping and handwritten gift cards

Curated recommendations

On-demand access to category experts

Competitive pricing on all items

Hassle-free returns — we’ll pick it up!

NO minimum spend (including rush)


Why NYC Moms Need Jetblack | Stroller In The City

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9 thoughts on “For The Busy Mama in NYC”

  1. Jetblack is a service I’ve not heard of before I have to admit but it sounds like it is the service to have by your side in the run up to Christmas. Helping make shopping and ordering so much easier.

  2. JetBlack sounds like an amazing time-saver service! I have got to try this and I have feeling this is the way of the future. People are so busy nowadays. I need this!

  3. What a cool service! I’ve never heard of this before, but it sounds like it makes life a lot easier. The holidays are so stressful and living in the city, it’s nice to have resources like this.

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