Outerwear For All Occasions!

Winter in New York City is a pretty hard time to be stylish. Let’s not kid ourselves, there are certain articles of clothing we wear for style and others out of necessity. Especially in January, when our weather apps show a long stretch of single-digit days no matter how many times we refresh the page…a down coat or puffer jacket is a necessity. I compiled a list of my favorite coat styles to wear this season. Better snatch them up quick because you don’t want to be left out in the cold…literally.
Outerwear For All Occasions! | Stroller In The City



Outerwear For All Occasions! | Stroller In The City


Outerwear For All Occasions! | Stroller In The City

Outerwear For All Occasions! | Stroller In The City
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17 thoughts on “Outerwear For All Occasions!”

  1. I LOVE looking good while freezing outside during the winter. I am a sucker for a gorgeous trench coat. That Dorian Painted Overcoat is everything! I just bought a black leather biker jacket and it was one of my favourite purchases of the year. It is amazing!

  2. I have been looking for a simple peacoat. They’re classic and I just haven’t found the one yet for this winter. That teddy bear coat is too cute. I bet it’s super warm

  3. These are great. I was actually looking for some new outerwear! But I am not sure what exactly I want . I saw here some models that I like!

  4. These are lovely outfits to wear on this cold weather and they are all beautiful. I will check this out and will get one for my sister.

  5. I actually just bought a new parka on an awesome early black friday deal. I need a sherpa coat though. Those are really nice selections.

  6. These are great jacket collection. We don’t get much colder here in Texas. I have one in hand which I bought from sweden. If that goes bad I will buy a new one.

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