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Conversations With Gemma

If you have been following my snapchat, you know that Gemma has quite the personality. She constantly cracking us up, to the point where Ryder and Siella belly laugh on the floor. And she totally knows it, too. At three and half already, there are a few things that I want to list, so I never forget those good times.


Like when she uses the wrong adjectives, saying things like “him really likes this.” I know its bad grammar, and I should be correcting her rather than chuckling, but don’t want her to correct to because it kills me every single time.


How she picks flowers, regardless of where we are and what the circumstances, making tiny little bouquets out them. They end up stuffed in my purse, so she can put then in a tiny vase when we arrive back home.


She tends to be a bit on the clumsy side, getting stitches on her head for the second time in six months. What a brave little thing she was during the entire process. A week after her accident, with a bandage still on her head, we spent the day looking at houses while we were out east, when somehow she managed to side step into an owners pool. Fully drenched head and toe, and about eight more houses to see that day, she just laughed. Yep, she just laughed, not bothered to be sitting naked in her carseat with just a towel wrapped around her, in absence of a change of clothes.


When she makes up silly voices for her dolls, talking back and forth between them, and combining her big bro’s Star War characters with her little princesses.


When she uses her hands to talk, and accentuates with big expressions. Like this time when she insisted on sitting by herself on the train.


Her fearless personality, like this day when she thought nothing of picking up all kinds of fish and sand crabs, even petting a sand shark that washed ashore.


Her squeaky little contagious laugh, and smile from ear to ear.


And don’t ask her for a kiss, because she will only kiss you on the cheek. When you ask her why not on my lips, she tells you “because it’s dangerous.

Oh my little Gemmie, don’t you ever change!

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