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Sneaker Files

We are in full-on summer mode in our house right now. As every year, Ryder, Siella, and Gemma are donning sun kissed skin, and light blonde highlights. There’s sand in every corner of our apartment, and most of the time we are in bathing suits, instead of regular street clothes. After a week at the beach, the kids started a three week stretch of day camp, ice cream is always on the menu, and our regimented schedules seem to have been tossed out the window. And you know what, I’m loving every minute of it, and so are they. Yep, because it’s summer!


The one thing I am not digging is how quickly this month of July has gone. Why does that always seem to happen? Sure, we still have over a month left, but back to school is already on my mind, and I know that I have to start preparing now because once September hits, store racks will be empty. Shoes and sneakers are usually the first things I purchase, when prepping for BTS. Last year, I had great success finding all three kids some pretty cool kicks at Rack Room Shoes, so it was a no brainer that I would start my search at their website this season.


Ryder and Siella have been outgrowing sneakers like weeds. Every two to three months another pair of shoes become tight on them. Since they’re now into picking out their own clothes, we sat on the computer, scrolling through styles together, and in no time, they each had three pairs in our cart. Gemma doesn’t have much to say (yet!) about what I put on her, but I know that a slip-in shoe eliminates the hassle of tying her shoes, especially during our morning rush to school.

I couldn’t get over how sweet these new Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Betty looked. It’s a classic Chuck  design, but detailed with a super cute turquoise bow, that slips right on her feet. I think they are the perfect shoe for her, and they even go with her cute little dresses.


Siella was beyond stoked with her choice, as I didn’t think she realized that her Chit Chat Skechers actually light up. The are the perfect pink combo mixed with bow and sparkly sweet details. The sides feature a cheery floral print in a tweed fabric. She’s been begging everyday to wear them, and I think I may need another pair by the time she actually starts school.


With Star Wars figures and legos over flowing in our playroom, Ryder was psyched about these Skechers Jagged Star Wars Darth Vader high tops. A huge Star Wars fan, these kicks are another way to show his love for it, but in a super cool way. Unlike Siella, he plans to save his new sneakers for the beginning of school, so he can show them off to all his friends.


One of the best things about shopping at Rack Room is their Rewards Program, which offers customers simple and instant savings on shoes. Some of the program’s member only perks include exclusive discounts, coupons, and rewards.

Super psyched to have gotten our back to school shoes selection out of the way, but I’m sure I will probably be back on the Rack Room site soon, re-ordering the styles they grow out of next. Now summer please don’t end!

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  1. I like sneakers, and when I see these pictures, I feel overwwhelmed with emotion. You can choose type of sneakers with super cool way or cute way… I want my kid grow so fast to buy new snaekers.

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