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Day Of The Girl

I have been thinking a lot lately about women and girls and about our place in the world. Maybe because I am constantly being reminded of how important we are—of how powerful we can be. As a mother, I hope I will never lose the fire in me to teach my girls to never question their worth, and that their voices matter. That they are powerful—they are all kinds of powerful.

Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

What is power? My girls feel powerful and brave when they celebrate their strong bodies in sports, dance, and gymnastics. I watch my girls do cartwheels in the park and kick butt on the soccer field and I am so proud of their confidence and courage. Their little soccer uniforms are like armor showing the world that they can play, too.

Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

At home we often talk about what it means to be a girl and how important it is for us to step up and express our opinions, to embrace and exert our power, to encourage and support other girls, and recognize that women can be leaders. I try to explain to them that power isn’t just physical. Power is about influence—it is about how their words and actions impact others. There are a million ways to be powerful from sharing their feelings to making space for others to finally getting that dance routine down after weeks of practicing.

Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

This International Day of the Girl is special because Athleta has partnered with non-profit, Girl Leadership, to launch an exclusive, limited edition, Power of she tee and Athleta will donate 100% of proceeds from sales of these tops to support the important work of Girls Leadership.

Girls Leadership defines leadership as knowing who you are, what you believe, and being able to express your beliefs effectively to influence others. This is more important now than ever for girls and women to exercise the power of their own voice and make a change. That is why on October 11, I will celebrate International Day of the Girl with my girls and join Athleta Girl and Girls Leadership along with countless other women and girls in owning and showing our strength and power.

Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

Athleta has always been a female-focused brand, empowering and promoting active lifestyles for women. The workout gear is amazing…comfortable, high-quality—exactly what a woman needs. Their Athleta Girl collection, a favorite in our home, offers the next generation the same versatile and premium apparel perfect for school or sports and beyond.

Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

Siella is at an age where she is aware of the world around her so I have to be extra thoughtful when we talk about women and girls. I asked her recently what does being powerful mean to you and after listing important qualities like courage and strength while she flexed her big girl muscles, she paused and said, “being me…” Of course, I cried because that is all I’ve ever wanted for my girls to feel powerful being who they are.

Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

This October visit Athleta Girl to get your “All Kinds of Powerful” tees and sweatshirts so you can join the revolution and help support Girls Leadership! I want to encourage each and every woman and girl to own their power and use their voices to change their world!

Let’s all follow the Athleta Girl Mantra:

Before anything else, we’re girls.

Girls who jump high and shine bright.

Girls who dream crazy big.

Girls who learn that we can do everything we put our minds to.

Girls who would do anything for our friends, our squad, our tribe.

We’re bold, brilliant and a thousand times awesome.

We’ll grow up, but we’ll never grow out of it.


this post was originally published 10/11/2018


Day Of The Girl | Stroller In The City

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15 thoughts on “Day Of The Girl”

  1. Day of the Girl is my favorite day ever! I think we need a day like this to remind US to remind our girls that they can be and do anything they can dream of. They don’t get enough of that.

  2. I really love this post. I think it’s great to have clothing like this. I’d love to get some of these for my daughters.

  3. I love this message so much. It’s so important to teach kids that they are all special and powerful. I was a dancer too when I was a kid and whew, I know how much work goes into it! It’s great to have a message that reflects that.

  4. I had no idea there was such a thing as the Day of the Girl. I was just talking with a friend last week that when I was younger I was afraid to be feminine because I thought it would make me look weak.

  5. It is so important to support and empower our girls . They are the women of tomorrow. They need to believe in themselves and that they can do what they put their minds to.

  6. This is such a wonderful wish to encourage each and every woman and girl to own their power and use their voices to change their world! And it is so beautiful to see girls that feel themselves powerful and capable to do anything!

  7. What a wonderful way to encourage power and strength, I think it’s important that we raise our kiddos to know they are strong and not just externally beautiful too. I love this focus on inner strength and physical strength. Love it!

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