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Hot And Hazy Summer Days

New York City is currently in the midst of a full blown heat wave, and today hit the mid 90’s. Coming off a weekend at my parents’ hanging by the pool, we came back to unbearably heat and humidity. Short of sitting inside all day in the air condition, the only way to keep cool would be trips to the water sprinklers at the playground, strolls around a museum, or a dunk in the pool behind our building, which tends to get crowded.


Just this morning, all three kids were headed off to camp, and before we even got there, all of us including myself were drenched in sweat and in need to be refreshed before we could actually start our day. I recently started using JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® baby cleansing cloths. With bath time left to the evening hours, you can’t expect to stay clean and comfortable all day, so these cloths, which twice* the size than average wipes, offer a quick solution. They are pre-moistened, paraben- and phthalate-free,complimented with a fresh scent. Not only are these “half-baths” good for summer time, but the cloths can be used throughout the year, for on-the-go cleaning, without over drying their sensitive skin.

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While I am not particularly fond of skipping baths in the summer months, there are occasions, like while on vacation last week, when we get home late, with all three asleep in the car. Before putting on their jammies, I used the JOHNSON’S® HEAD-TO-TOE® baby cleansing cloths, making the transfer from car to bed less disruptive, and I felt good knowing they were cleaned up before eight hours of shut eye. Summer is a time for family vacations, road trips, beach days, and fun, but breaking my kids out of their normal routine is never easy. Now with these baby cleansing cloths, we won’t have to stress about missing bath time.


JOHNSON’S® understands today’s busy parents can’t always give their baby a traditional bath. The new baby cleansing cloths provide gentle cleansing of a JOHNSON’S® bath without the tub and water, whether at home or on the go. And I will definitely use these come winter and fall time when we most definitely take “in-between baths,” as we tend to have a more hectic schedule and I do not like drying out their skin too much during the cold months.

As the #1 baby skin care brand, JOHNSON’S® has been providing safe products that are formulated and designed with little ones in mind for over 120 years. Psyched to have discovered something new, and can’t believe the kids actually enjoy using them. These cloths have been a life saver getting through these hot and hazy days of summer, and they are going to be something I keep on the go, even as the weather changes.

*2x larger than JOHNSON’S® baby hand & face wipes.

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3 thoughts on “Hot And Hazy Summer Days”

  1. maria @closetohome

    I don’t care how old the kids are, wipes come in hand all the time. I love the Johnson & Johnson brand.

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