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Childhood Reemerged

I attended the New Kids On The Block concert with Cottonelle as part of a sponsored #GoCommando campaign with Socialstars.

This Sunday, I was completely taken back to my childhood. My youth was filled with many vivid memories, which I am able to reflect on today whenever I visit my parents house. On my block, most of the kids were my age, and we hung out for what seemed liked days in one another’s backyards. We played together, went to school together, and even vacationed together. And then there are those special four older girls, who I always looked up to, and seeing my first concert with them, the New Kids on the Block. With those childhood impressions, the non stop replay of their albums, and hanging magazine cut outs of Donnie, Joey, Danny and the boys on our walls, it may come as no surprise that I was psyched to be invited to the NKOTB concert at the Gramercy Theatre.


The two hour concert immediately had me reminiscing when I was 9 years old. With classics like Right Stuff, and Hangin Tough, I knew all the words. Growing up a fan I never could have imagined that I would actually have the opportunity to meet the band I coveted throughout my childhood years. Each of the members were super nice, and accommodating, everything you can imagine and hope for from your favorite boy band.

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This event was part of Cottonelle’s newest campaign: Go Cottonelle, Go Commando. Already a supporter of Cottonelle and their quirky campaigns, I couldn’t wait to be part of this one.

They want to let America know that only Cottonelle has CleanRipple texture to get you clean, giving you enough confidence even if you were to Go Commando. As the original teen boy band, NKOTB is no stranger to underwear being thrown onstage during performances so Cottonelle’s new “Go Commando” campaign is a perfect fit.



For a free sample of Cottonelle CleanRipple….visit Cottonelle.com and dare your friends to Go Cottonelle, and Go Commando. For all you fellow BlockHeads, just a heads up, NKOTB will be going on tour.  My question to you…who was your favorite band member. I always had a crush on Joey! 


 Thank you Cottonelle for sponsoring this post. 

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