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Party At Craft Studio!

As a mother of three, I can tell you it all goes by so fast and as hard as we try, we can’t slow this ride down. I have learned to embrace it, to cherish each milestone, and meaningful moment. When the baby of my brood, Gemma, turned one I cried. I couldn’t believe a whole year flew by…and now she’s six…SIX!!! We had a big fun birthday party for her and I still can’t believe my youngest is 6-years-old.

Of course, with each birthday and birthday party, my never-ending search for new and exciting venues continues. Sadly, my kids have moved on from the hit movie or show themed birthday parties with hired actors playing their favorite toy or character or princess. Those were so fun. Kids sparkle with excitement thinking Buzz Lightyear came to their party! Or Elsa and Anna stopped by for a visit. But now that my kids are older the stakes are higher, and I have to get much more creative with my ideas…I have to think of entertainment and activities and cool stuff.

Party At Craft Studio | Stroller In The City

Luckily, living in NYC we have all sorts of innovative and unique experiences for kids, especially on their birthdays. Amazing places like Craft Studio in Tribeca are a life saver when it comes to fun craft activities, classes and workshops…but they also host birthday parties! Craft Studio’s mission is to provide a fun, safe and creative environment for kids and adults to express their creativity. The staff is incredible, and they truly make every experience feel special from a drop-in class to a big event.

Party At Craft Studio | Stroller In The CityParty At Craft Studio | Stroller In The CityParty At Craft Studio | Stroller In The City

We recently threw Gemma the coolest “it girl” birthday party at Craft Studio Tribeca with more sparkle and pizzazz than I have ever seen before. I love that rain or shine in all kinds of weather the space is big and inviting and works for large or small groups. The staff could not have been more helpful and fun. There was a fingernail painting station, mirror decorating, glittery tattoos, a step-and-repeat with funky accessories and props—a limbo line! And of course, food, treats and dancing! And everyone got to take home their Craft Studio creations at the end. I highly recommend Craft Studio for parties…or just a fun afternoon.

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Party At Craft Studio | Stroller In The City

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23 thoughts on “Party At Craft Studio!”

  1. It looks like your daughter has enjoyed an awesome birthday party! I like the idea of having a craft day, where children can play with their imagination and create cool stuff.

  2. Annemarie LeBlanc

    You did a good job in choosing a party theme and venue for your child’s birthday! I am sure all the little guests had so much fun!

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