Making A Cool Mess

When you’re a parent, celebrating your child’s birthday can be bittersweet. Of course, each year brings hope and wonder and excitement but a little part of me is sad to see time passing so fast. For kids, birthday parties are always thrilling and fun. The whole day is about them and they get to party with their friends. For parents, finding new and inventive ways to celebrate is a challenge—especially when you have three kids.

I have planned enough birthday parties to know what works and what doesn’t—so I can narrow it down pretty quickly. When the kids are really little it’s all about keeping things easy and convenient, especially for the parents. A first birthday party certainly isn’t about complicated activities, but for 3, 4, and 5-year-olds, you better pack that hour and a half with fun and distracting activities. For older kids, I find that making things is always a good idea…crafts, pizza…ice cream! Let their creative juices flow and you’ll have a bunch of happy party-goers.

We celebrated Siella’s 6th birthday by making ice cream and eating candy at CoolMess ice cream parlor. If you haven’t been yet, you have to go. The space is fun and enchanting for kiddos. After your kiddos drool over the candy wall they can actually make their own ice cream with different toppings and flavor options. The concept is a crowd pleaser…making and eating ice cream. There is also real food, too—after all, CoolMess comes from the same family as Burger Heaven!

CoolMess was the perfect venue for Siella’s birthday party because the hot June weather always calls for ice cream. And what do you do with a bunch of kids on a hot day? Make ice cream! The ice cream maker sits in the center of each table surrounded by toppings and candy—it is like a sugary fantasy. The girls all made the wildest flavors adding gummy bears, sprinkles, chips, candy, marshmallows, chocolate sauce, Oreo cookie crumbs…you name it.

You really can’t go wrong with ice cream birthday parties. The kids got to focus on their making task and enjoy delicious treats, too. Oh, and of course we would never send our party-people home empty handed…all the guests got to make candy goodie bags to take home! If you are planning a spring or summer birthday party, I highly recommend CoolMess.

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14 thoughts on “Making A Cool Mess”

  1. What a fun place to have a party! It’s so cool that the kids can make their own ice cream treats there!

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