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BTS 2017 Guide & Giveaway

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So excited to share with you Stroller In The City’s third annual Back To School Guide and Giveaway! We  scouted everything you need for a stylish and trendy new school year. Some of these brands have become my favorites over the years, and some are recently discovered gems I’m psyched to introduce. Since all of these vendors offer different product lines, you will be completely set up for the back to school season. And the best part, one lucky SITC reader will have the chance to WIN the entire guide! Old Navy is your one stop shop for Back-To-School shopping. Kids can get everything needed for their closet – from awesome stretchy jeans, crazy-comfy hoodies and the softest tees ever- in just one trip. Old Navy offers styles that are effortlessly cool and playfully optimistic. This fall, it’s all about stretch in bottoms for both boys and girls. Some of my favorite styles include: Flutter Sleeve Dresses, Ballerina Jean and Printed Denim for girls, and Graphic Tees and Camo for boys. The Mini Dino from 7 A.M. Enfant is a fun play on the classic mini backpack. Playful, padded spikes make this backpack into a fun dinosaur-themed accessory. This backpack for back to school is ideal for your little tot! Name Bubbles – Because you need to label everything! Name Bubbles School Labels Pack + Gold Write-On Labels are perfect for backpacks, lunch containers, clothes, pencil cases and so much more. These labels are a must-have on any busy family’s back-to-school shopping list! PS – The unicorn labels might just be the cutest I’ve ever seen! New sneakers and backpacks are always a must for back to school, and my go-to each year is Rack Room Shoes. I adore their selection of brands like Adidas, Skechers, Converse, and Nike for the kids, especially since each year their selection seems to get better and better! To tie those new sneaks! HICKIES are colorful and completely customizable shoelace replacements, that turn sneakers into slip-ons. HICKIES lacing system works by threading seamlessly through the eyelets of any shoe, then snapping in place for a hassle-free fit. Fasten once and never tie your sneakers again making your morning rush way easier!   Other than walking, a city kid’s easiest mode of transportation to and from school is their scooters. Micro Kickboards in our house make drop off and pick up from school not only fast, but fun and adventurous. Excited to show you the newest addition to the Micro Kickboard family, the Maxi Deluxe! Enjoy 8 new colors, an anodized stem, and a new deck material to provide better grip when scooting. Simple, clean and refined, Parkland is the design-driven bag and accessory company! This cool Vancouver company creates exceptional products built to last and designed for every personality and lifestyle. Tickle Water is a premium naturally flavored sparkling water that all three of my kiddies flip over! The flavors include Sparkling Water, Green Apple, Watermelon, and Cola. While primarily for children, adults can enjoy as well! Each flavor is free of preservatives, GMOs, gluten, sodium, sugar, calories, and artificial sweeteners! They are just the perfect size for kiddies and easy to pack in their lunches!  While back to school is a super exciting time, it’s also a time where your child brings homes those unwanted germs and the dreaded LICE! The only product I use for Lice Prevention is Fairy Tales! Fairy Tales products clean, moisturize, and keeps bugs away! Their products are made with a proprietary blend of organic Rosemary, Citronella, Tea Tree and Geranium oils clinically proven effective to help prevent lice Jojoba and Chamomile hydrate, moisturize and soothe the scalp. All products are free of sulfates, harsh chemicals and toxins, and are gluten, soy, dairy and nut free! Now that your child is set with backpacks, clothing, and shoes, let’s not forget their undergarments and Hanes is just the brand I go-to. Hanes has everything needed from underwear, socks, and tees for back to school. Be sure to check out their newest X-Temp and Fresh IQ selections that will keep your child fresh and cool all day long!

Winner will receive a $200 Gift Card Old Navy, $100 Gift Card Rack Room, 7AM BACKPACK, Parkland Lunchbox, Tickle Water Prize Pack, Hickies Prize Pack, Name Bubbles School Label Pack, Fairy Tales Lice Prevention Kit, $50 Gift Card Hanes + 3 styles.


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93 thoughts on “BTS 2017 Guide & Giveaway”

  1. My family started shopping earlier this year. We always get so busy and end up doing last minute shopping, which usually ends up in a disaster.

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  3. I LOVE Back to School time!!! Luckily, my son’s school has uniforms, so that’s one less thing to worry about. But we still need to get him new shoes…and about a million other things.

  4. I think you covered every area for back to school season. I love the backpacks and lunchbox idea. We need to get a new lunchbox here so may have to surf around to get similar one. I am glad you shared this giveaway for anyone looking to get a jumpstart and save some money on back to school season!

  5. we have started back to school shopping, been watching good sales in the summer, but we have so much to do still. Thanks for the chance! This would be amazing to win!!

  6. I love those shoelace replacements. What would be more convenient than to turn sneakers in to slip ons? Hickies is an innovative product, making it easier for moms to get their kids ready for school in the mornings. No more shoelaces to tie!

  7. I have bought all the required school items. I just need to get some snacks and sign him for after school programs.

  8. My baby started Kindergarten. We need all the advice we can get. My other children are grown and gone and I am starting all over again. I am rusty..lol

  9. You have a lot of great products here. I just learned about those Hickies a few weeks ago. Love the pops of colors. Old Navy is one of my favorite places to shop at. They have some of the best sales and their clothes are super cute.

  10. I hate lice, so those Fairy Tale hair conditioners look like something I would definitely put on my back to school shopping list. Also, love the Dino spike backpack and those Tickle waters.

  11. The name bubbles are so cute! Love that the labels have their own designs. Part of what makes back to school exciting is all the new gear, especially for the little ones who are starting school this year!

  12. I love these items for back to school. The little one got lice through daycare; I would love a natural preventative for when he goes to school.

  13. It was such a hectic summer that I put off BTS shopping. Now I’m scrambling to get it all done. These are all great options to include on my shopping list.

  14. I’m mostly done. I try to get as much on my calendar as possible. I love using Cozi to coordinate with my husband. Those backpacks look so awesome.

  15. I am making sure my son has all of the necessary clothes he needs and is stocked up with snacks and good school supplies!

  16. It’s my littles first time going to “school” so we have no idea what we’re doing! I’ve just gotten them backpacks and lunch/snack containers.

  17. Tami Vollenweider

    My Son is all grown up now! My grand kids are moving back here and helping in taking him to school a couple days a week! Can’t wait!!

  18. I have a little girl and boy who are getting ready to go back to school and this would help prepare them for all the clothes they could need!

  19. We get our back to school supply lists at the end of each year. It makes it so much easier to pick up at least a little thing off of the list each week all summer long. It was very helpful this year because my son had quite a growth spurt this summer and needs everything replaced, not one item of clothing from last year fits.

  20. Preparing for BTS isn’t too bad as we try not to stress. I start at the beginning of August by picking up the majority of supplies that we need and just slowly finish through the month.

  21. We went back to school last week. I had been picking up school supplies throughout the summer. School clothes shopping was not a big headache. Also, I spent time encouraging my girls to put forth their best effort and that they could make this a great year if they did so.

  22. We are putting together a schedule of things that we need to get done each morning and each evening to make sure that we make it to school on time! Also we are putting together a list of items that we need to have each morning when we leave the house!

  23. Just moved to the burbs from the city. We’re prepping for Kindergarten in our new neighborhood with lots of play dates with incoming kindergarteners!

  24. Boy did this summer fly by… I’m so sad that bts is almost here. We are prepared I think, bought everything on the list. It’s going to be a tough bts for me, my little is a 5th grader this year. For us that is middle school. And we are going to try him walking home…. I’m not ready…

  25. All my children have their own families now. So my shopping days are ended for school supplies. But I have to say that what’s available today for children is amazing. Now I watch my children go shopping for my grandkids.
    Carol L

  26. With two weeks left of summer we went school supply shopping last night, hoping to get clothes shopping done this weekend, and we’ll be starting earlier bed times coming this morning to adjust.

  27. School started so early this year! I miss summer already lol. As a grandma I’m helping out with supplies and haircuts. This year 6 of my grandkids are in school and my son is starting some college courses.

  28. We are all prepared. I started clothes shopping in July and the first week in August purchased most of the school supplies.

  29. Sylvia Elmore Zajis

    My youngest son will be headed to his first year of college in the spring! We will need to prepare for back to school a little differently then undergraduates. Most of our back to school items are very expensive, like a computer or laptop a printer flash drives and other media storage as well as the furniture needed for a new College freshman. We really have to devise a plan for saving as much money as possible including couponing, or other methods of trying to save.

  30. My children just started and it is chaotic. I am short on some supplies, but somehow managed to buy enough glue for the rest of their school life. lol I prepare nightly by helping them pick out outfits for the next morning and making sure backpacks and shoes are where they should be.

  31. We did a lot of frantic last minute back to school shopping & the kids started their school time sleep schedule about a week before classes started.

  32. Preparing for back to school by purchasing all the after school snacks and protein shakes to-go for a quick breakfast before school. Also by labelling all of my kids school gear which would be way more efficient with Name Bubbles. Thank you for this giveaway!

  33. This momma needed a little brain boost! Thanks for all of the great tips and ideas for back to school! Summer might be over but after having 3 kids home all summer I think I need a vacation! Ha!

  34. I really didn’t prepare this year. Most of what we did was making sure everyone had their basics like backpacks,pencils and notebooks and we used a lot of what we had already laying around the house before purchasing anything else.

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