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Sunday Styles: Hickies

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It’s mid August, and while back to school is just three weeks away, we are taking advantage of every single day. This weekend, we took an impromptu trip up to Lake George. I’m pretty sure I had been there as a child, but it was a first with kids of my own. We arrived yesterday and jumping right into lake life we started with a hike.

A Review Of Hickies Laces A Review Of Hickies Laces

My kids typically opt for sneakers over sandals or slip ins, but with that come the dreaded laces to be tied by little fingers. Walking around with untied laces is my pet peeve, and somehow Ryder tends to be more of a culprit for this, than the girls. Not to mention, sloppy shoes and laces cause them to trip and fall! A few years back, I discovered Hickies which was a huge game changer for us.

A Review Of Hickies Laces A Review Of Hickies Laces

HICKIES is a no-tie, flexible and customizable responsive lacing system for kids and adults. Each pack contains 10-14 elastic ties, enough for a pair of kids shoes, which can be threaded in different ways to customize the fit. Fasten them once, then simply stretch to slide the shoe on and off. They even come in a variety of color combinations, giving your kicks some extra flare!

A Review Of Hickies Laces A Review Of Hickies Laces

This year, I let the kids choose their own colors. Siella picked a new sparkle pink, Ryder went with the neon yellow to match his Adidas, and Gemma she liked HICKIES Neon elastic ties, which compliment her Punky Brewster personality perfectly!

A Review Of Hickies Laces A Review Of Hickies Laces

Here’s to making back to school sneakers a bit more fashionable, fun, and most importantly, easy to get on. Check out SITC’s Back to School Guide for a chance to win HICKIES, along with tons of other great things!

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15 thoughts on “Sunday Styles: Hickies”

  1. I’m not sure I like the name HICKIES- but these definitely look like a useful tool for back to school. Anything to get them out of the door faster!

  2. I love the benefit of Hickies as untied shoes are not only dangerous but also rather distracting. I like that they are for both kids and adults; they definitely give a more fun fashion look to shoes.

  3. Love the no-tie lacing system. Even once kids have learned to tie their shoes, loose or untied laces can slow them down, and we know how much kids love being on the go! They have great color choices, too.

  4. Hickies look like a great way for kids to tie their shoes. I would have loved them for my Son when he was younger. I will have to tell my friends with kids about them.

  5. Amy L Desrosiers

    Super cute kids! I love their sneakers and fashion sense at their young ages! I cant wait for school to start!

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