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On Guard For Back To School

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It’s time for back to school, and the kids are super excited to reconnect with their friends, anxious to meet their new teachers, and start a new season of activities that were on hiatus for the warm months. I will miss the summer, but I’m pretty excited for all three of them. That said, I’m really not looking forward to the unwanted germs that come along with eight hours in a classroom.

How To Prevent Lice OutbreaksSomething else that comes along with school days are lice outbreaks. I’ve never shared this story, probably because I was probably too traumatized, but two years ago, Ryder and Gemma contracted lice. I know lice seems like a right of passage for childhood, but somehow Jason and I never actually dealt with it during our childhoods. With that, I really wasn’t prepared for just how those little bastards would turn my life upside down. I think it’s worse that we live in a tiny apartment in New York City, and all three kids share a bedroom so there is no real way to quarantine.

How To Prevent Lice Outbreaks

Long story short on how they came in contact, but we had friends over on a weekend to watch a movie, and by Monday afternoon I received a call from my friend, with the news that both her kids were sent home for lice. I literally had a pit in my stomach picking up the kids from school that afternoon, because I knew they were bound to have it too. As we were walking home, Ryder told me he had a lice check in class and he was cleared. But I brought him back into school to the nurse just for a second opinion. The nurse checked too and she found nothing. I thought maybe we dodged a bullet. I picked up the girls from their school on the way home, and as a last precaution I stopped at the pharmacy to pick up Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit. At home, I put the girls in the tub to check, and sure enough, I found live bugs on Gemma. I flipped my lid. Siella was lucky, but I found some on Ryder too. I followed the kit’s instructions, to check and clean them all thoroughly, but I was so repulsed, that I went to a lice center to get the kids, and myself checked out. We knew Jason was in the clear, well because, he’s got no hair!

How To Prevent Lice Outbreaks

When we were checked, everyone was cleared. When I told the technicians that we were exposed two days prior, they were shocked by how contained our situation was. I let them know I used the Fairy Tales Kit, which they endorsed as the absolute best.

How To Prevent Lice Outbreaks

The Fairy Tales Lice Kit contains everything you need to eliminate lice and nits. This pesticide-free, treatment with no harsh chemicals using natural ingredients for lice and nit removal is safe for repeated use even after you’ve used other brands with chemical treatments.

How To Prevent Lice Outbreaks

Naturally, I was an itchy mess for a good month afterwards. Our apartment was turned upside down, with every stuffed animal placed in plastic bags to smother any unwanted visitors. I was a paranoid mess, but honestly the one thing that saved me was everyday haircare with Fairy Tales. The Rosemary Repel line is a great every day line of hair care that cleanses, conditions and detangles – the bonus is the organic herbs that have been clinically proven to help prevent head lice.

How To Prevent Lice Outbreaks

Still to this day, I use Fairy Tales Rosemary Repel Lice Prevention, which is pediatricians, school nurses and moms #1 recommended prevention since 1999!  I usually purchase the Star Trio package which includes the Rosemary Repel: Shampoo, Conditioner, and Conditioning Spray, and I even use the Rosemary Repel Hair Spray and Styling Gel.

How To Prevent Lice Outbreaks

Fairy Tales even makes an entire line of haircare of summer shampoos, which gets out the nasty chlorine to a hydrating line made for curly hair! With my girls curly hair, you know I am obsessed with this line.

Just in time for Back to School Fairy Tales has added a great new feature to their website. Parents can now go and report if they have a lice outbreak in their town and check the interactive map for local outbreaks. This helps spread the word so we can try and contain outbreaks as new school policies allow children in the classroom with the little critters! Here’s to a great, and hopefully lice-free school year!

Be sure to check out our Back To School Guide & Giveaway, where you can take home all of the back to school essentials including a Fairy Tales Lice Kit! 

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17 thoughts on “On Guard For Back To School”

  1. That is one thing we have not had as of yet. There are some people in my kiddos class that have had lice, but we have been spared so far. I am glad for that, but this review helps me if we ever do have this problem!

  2. I have had to deal with lice a few times over the years since the kids started going to school. I will have to pick up a Fairy Tales Lice Good-Bye Survival Kit. It will be great to have on hand just in case they make an appearance again.

  3. I have triplets + 1 all born in a year and I could definitely have used this product when they all were infected at once. I especially love that these have a natural, herbal base and I’m sure they smell much better than the more harmful chemical rinses that used to be the only option available.

  4. These sounds like fantastic products. I also love that you can report lice outbreaks on their website. What a great resource for parents. No one enjoys finding up their kids have been exposed to lice.

  5. My kids had lice last December! It was miserable! Everyone got it and I freaked out and bagged everything in the entire house. So glad to know this line is available because I never want to go through that again.

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