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Brianne’s Closet: Winter Jackets

Winter in New York City is a pretty hard time to be stylish. Let’s not kid ourselves, there are certain articles of clothing we wear for style and others out of necessity. Especially in February, when our weather apps show a long stretch of single-digit days no matter how many times we refresh the page…a down coat or puffer jacket is a necessity. When I used to think of puffer coats I cringed at the image of a bulky and overall unsightly marshmallow waddling down the street. BUT in recent years the down and puffer coats available are incredibly cute and modern…and in my opinion they look even better than a boring wool coat or wrap. I compiled a list of my favorite down and puffer coat styles to wear this season. Better snatch them up quick because you don’t want to be left out in the cold…literally.


down coats

1. Army Green Down  2. Down Cape  3. Quilted Puffer

4. Down Parka  5. Chocolate Hoodie

6. Kensington Parka 7. Puffer Vest 8. Belted Jacket 9. Silver Puffer

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