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Tribeca Treating

The celebration of Halloween in our house gets bigger and bigger each year. Between friends and school, the kids have plenty of parties and school activities, so it’s hard to keep up. And let’s just say, that with all these different events, the celebration seems to last for four days straight. This year, the girls wanted to be Shopkins – Siella was “Cookie Cookie” and Gemma was “Lipsy Lips” shopkin. Ryder chose a scary costume this year and decided to be a Skeleton Knight.

img_5538 img_5500

The Friday before Halloween, Gemma wore her Lipsy Lips Shopkin Costume to school. By afternoon pickup, half of her costume was already destroyed. I knew it was bound to happen, because I wasn’t thrilled with the quality of their costumes. That evening, Ryder and Siella had class Halloween parties scheduled in the same park. Since it was pretty chilly, I threw a jacket over Gemma’s, which camouflaged the embarrassing tears in her ensemble.


Other annual Halloween festivities on the books are the Battery Park Halloween Celebration, taking place at Brookfield, and the Washington Market Parade in Tribeca. Sometimes, both events take place on the same day, but this year we lucked out with one scheduled on each weekend day. Our intent was to hit both outings, but Saturday soccer games for Ryder and Siella, nixed our chances of making it to the Brookfield shin dig. I usually get down on myself for missing these events, but I have to remind myself that we can’t be in five places at once.


With Gemma’s costume in shambles, I ran to Party City on Sunday, to get her second choice- the Shimmer and Shine Genie character. Naturally, at one day before Halloween, they were sold out. With few options at my disposal, I grabbed a Princess Jasmine harem costume, and paired it with a blue wig  and she was psyched. Well, psyched until the wig started to itch!


Here we are at Washington Market Park which was totally packed. The kids checked out all the Halloween decorations, while playing some of the games. But mostly enjoyed the playground area with their friends.


Somehow, we were’t Halloween’d out by Monday the 31st when Halloween rolled around, so we headed into Tribeca, to hit our regular trick or treat spots.

img_5588 img_5635

We’ve hit the same candy route since Ryder was just a year old. It’s pretty awesome to see all of the stores come together in an effort to make this a memorable moment for all the kiddies.


Our favorite shops, restaurants, doctors offices, and local bodegas doled out all sorts of goodies to the kids. Tribeca Treats offers beautiful cookies, the childrens’ dentist gave them balloons with crafts attached, the wine shop always have glasses of vino for the parents, and a chicken restaurant gives out fried chicken to the little treaters. Having grown up in the ‘burbs, I always get questioned about how my children trick or treat in New York City. The truth is, I couldn’t imagine it any other way.

img_5696 img_5690 img_5681 img_5673

Gemma made conversation with just about everyone she encountered, telling them about all the candy she scored throughout the day, and wishing them a Happy Halloween!
img_5653 img_5614img_5601

Now you may be wondering why Gemmie isn’t rocking her blue wig and outfit while trick or treating. On Halloween morning, I was concerned about her tolerating the blue wig while walking through the streets, so I sewed her Lipsy Lips costume so she would be more comfortable.

img_5632 img_5605 img_5645 img_5616 img_5398 img_5368

We trick or treated for two hours, before heading back to our building. The kids’ bags were totally overflowing with way too much candy. I allowed them to eat a few pieces on the way home, even snagging a Reeses Peanut Butter Cup for myself.

img_5598-2 img_5708 img_5577

Before calling it a night, we visited one floor in our complex, called the Spooky Floor. All the neighbors on that floor decorate the doors and hallways, for little ones to enjoy. Over the past two years, Siella and Gemma had gotten too scared by the floor, so it was fun that this year they both finally enjoyed it.

img_5770img_5724 img_5728

Halloween 2016 was a fun one, and because of the blue wig saga, it is one that I will remember for a long time! Now, I am off to donate our candy to our local dentist. Hope you all had a wonderful and safe day!

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16 thoughts on “Tribeca Treating”

  1. What a fun time while rocking adorable costumes! We have been going on the same trick or treating route for the last decade at least, and we still score the best candy too.

  2. Their costumes look great! We learned our lesson about the itchy wigs after 2 years in a row of our daughter begging for them, then only wearing them for 5 minutes before claiming they were itchy and uncomfortable. Now, we have a strict no wig policy.

  3. Ah they all look so great. looks like a ton of fun was had, and their costumes are really awesome! Halloween is so much fun.

  4. Your kids look so cute in their costumes. I won’t let my own wear their costumes before the night of the 31st. I’ve had too many tear-filled nights when their costumes fell apart. I am glad you found such adorable options.

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