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Ballerinas and Boxers

Last week the girls and I headed up to the H&M offices to get a sneak peak at their newest Kids Studio Collection. The collection called, Ballerina’s & Boxers might just be one of the cutest collections they have ever created. The girls picked a few of their favorites, and we headed to Union Square for a fun shoot with H&M’s in house photographer Glenn Harris.

It’s no surprise Siella was swooning over everything ballerina, while Gemma went straight for the boxing inspired pieces. The assortment is playful and rich in detail with black and white swans capturing the magical world of ballet. These pieces are matched with the sportswear of a boxer such as a loose-fit hoodie and sweats. Both themes highlight the importance of showing love and compassion with a message of love seen throughout the collection.

The collection is debuting in select stores and online today! My favorite outfit on Gemma was this Tiny Heart Print Top and Frilled Shorts, paired with a reversible nylon Bomber with a Ruffled Hem on one side red, on the other a print of dominos arranged in a smiley face. And lets talk about the accessories, the Box Sneakers were a must-have paired the Love Headband, and a Swan Backpack.

Siella’s get up is what I call a sporty ballerina. She chose a Shimmery Gold Bodysuit with Ruffle Skirt, and Metallic Sneaks, that I know she will wear everyday if she could. The collection also includes beautiful Ribbon-tied Ballet Shoes and my favorite, a Swan Swimsuit. The suit evokes one of ballet’s most famous works, Swan Lake with a printed swan that curves around the neck, and a body covered in ruffles.

Our Union Square playdate was a ton of fun and the girls and I were soaked up the most perfect spring-like day (in February!). So excited to have gotten a sneak peak of the collection and I already hit up the store this morning to score a few pieces for Ryder too! As a mom of three and total fashion lover, I really appreciate H&M’s on trend and fashionable styles for the littles, while also keeping everything affordable season after season! I’m positive you will enjoy this collection!

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17 thoughts on “Ballerinas and Boxers”

  1. Oh my goodness, your girls are adorable. I love H&M but have never bought anything for my kids there – must check it out.

  2. Those outfits are so cute. They both have huge personalities so I can’t imagine a different outfit choice.

  3. So comfy and stylish. You have the most adorable models! I’ll have to check this collection out for my 8 year old.

  4. It looks like the kids had an amazing time! I love the theme for H&M’s new collection and I’ll be sure to check their clothes out and pick some up for my daughter!

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