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August, slow down

It seems the summer month of August is like the Sunday of each week. We still have the day off, yet we are anxious about the following day when it’s back to work or school. So we try to make the best of that day in the most possible way. I can feel September creeping up on us and already experiencing the anxiety about having to go back to our insanely busy schedules. I’m not ready to give Ryder and Siella over to their schools just yet as we just started to get into the lazy days of summer groove. Although they thrive on a schedule, I do think they are finally letting go of their routines. I love the spontaneity of the summer months, taking unplanned trips to the beach, museums, amusement parks, and mostly the beautiful weather.



The kids and I are outdoors most of the day from the playgrounds in our neighborhood, to my parents pool, or the beach. The beach is our absolute favorite, I feel there is something magical about it where we all just take it in. It’s funny how we can spend hours on end there with not a single tantrum from any of them, it is our most happy place. I was really laid back about camp this summer for the kids. Ryder has only been going three days a week and Siella had only a few sporadic weeks here and there. I tried to change things up for them this summer in regards to a schedule, and I think they are all enjoying it, most of time. I don’t think boredom can happen in our crazy house anyway. There is always something to do, and the kids actually relish in each other’s company.


Gemma, my love bug, has really sprouted into this determined little girl this summer. She is not afraid of anything. Her strong personality is starting to shine as she tries to keep up with her older siblings. Her love of swimming and the water is just so incredible to watch. I think partly it has to do with having zero fear. She will let a wave knock her down, get right back up  and wait for another one to take her down, and laugh while doing so. Gemma has me on edge for most of the day, cringing over the risks she takes, but she is growing up. I think too, she is way more advanced and daring than Ryder and Siella were, so I am usually shocked most of the time at her courage and strength, all 16 months of her. I’m glad she will still be home with me this year.

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Siella is turning into quite the young lady. She is super girly and loves partaking in anything that involves dressing up, crafts, and painting. I take her to the nail salon every few weeks, as our one on one “dates” continue. You can see how much she enjoys it and appreciates the time we spend together. She is super smart and is very into writing and trying to read books too. She spent a week at her ballet school for camp this summer and enjoyed it so much. Everyday at pickup, the teachers would tell me how much she is blossoming into an incredible dancer. Siella is full of determination and spunk, and reminds me so much of myself when I was younger. I stare at her in utter amazement. I was nervous about having a “middle child”, but the way she interacts with her siblings is just so sweet and with so much love in her heart. She watches and learns from her older brother, yet teaches and cares for her baby sister. She has her three-year old moments, don’t get me wrong, but they are out weighted by the good a hundred times over. I’m so proud of her.  

Ryder has had his ups and downs this summer. We started to notice some things with his behavior happening at the end of the school year. His love of learning was gone, and we noticed him experiencing anxiety about things that were usually a norm for him. We had him evaluated by a behavioral therapist to get a bit more insight about what’s been happening to our boy. It turns out he is suffering some anxiety and according to the reports from his Kindergarten teachers, could possible be suffering attention deficit as well.

We decided to start this summer with a therapist for the anxiety, as well as a learning specialist to keep up the school aspect for him. Hoping these two combined will help with what he has been struggling with. It’s really hard to hear as a parent there is something wrong with your child. I’ve learned to not sit and dwell on the bad; but to just take action and get the help wherever and however we can. I see his anxiety effecting him throughout his day and was told to not give in to them, but to work through it and have him face it. He’s been giving me an extremely hard time about going to camp and it’s a battle to get him on the bus. I know once he’s there, he’s completely fine. I am in contact with his counselor throughout the day and she is aware of what he’s going through, and tries to assist when she can. We still have some more testing for him coming up, but I am trying to stay positive, and keep mine (and his) spirits high.

Deep down, Ryder is a sweet and loving boy, but I know there’s something going on above what I can fix, and worry so much about him. On a brighter note, his sixth birthday is next week, and he has requested a Star Wars theme, so I am busily getting all that ready for him and can’t wait to celebrate. I love summer birthdays!


Jason is away these past two weeks, and the single wife in me is out in full force. It definitely takes a toll on all of us when he is gone, considering he was away for two weeks in July too. I need to learn how to just embrace the fact when he’s gone and accept it, but won’t lie, it’s hard. Especially with three young children, our hectic lifestyles, and their sleeping (less) habits leaving me just exhausted. As much as we are going with the flow this summer, we have therapists appointments and learning specialists to trek to, that are not near our home. I’m just doing the best I can, and trying to not let it bother me as much as it does.

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I am busily working on this site, my blog, my brand, and love where this journey and experiences have taken my family and I. This fall, I hope to write down more of these thoughts that happen to race through my head daily; but just can’t seem to find the time to jot down. My family needs a little bit more of me now, and I am doing just that.

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Here’s to the month of August, let’s all enjoy it to the absolute fullest! I am not ready to say good to summer just yet!

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