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Jeans I’ve Been Loving This Summer

If you’re wondering if you can wear a pair of jeans in the summer, the answer is yes! There are a lot of factors that go into play simply because of the heat. My biggest recommendation is to stay away from skinny jeans! They will trap the heat and once you start to sweat in them, there’s no easy way to get out of them. White jeans are all the rage in the summer and I adore them! The shade goes with everything and they are a little different to the jeans we wear the rest of the year, so it’s a breath of fresh air at this time of year.

If you are looking for outfit ideas and new jeans, I am here to help you put together a great summer outfit idea with these top jeans. Here are 12 jeans to have as a summer staple in your summer wardrobe!


Firstly, the shade is everything. I think we need to have a variety of shades in our closets to have a well rounded wardrobe. Dark wash goes with certain tones better than light wash and vice versa. Although, when I think of summer, I don’t necessarily think of dark denim. I lean more towards pairs of jeans that are either white or a light wash. The bright colors and shades are better for casual wear, which is how summer is! It’s a relaxing season and there are less dressy parties to attend. If I can get a pink jean, you know I’ll go for that first! Light pink, magenta, hot pink- they all work well for the summer season!


Secondly, dressing for your body type is important. These jeans will be in your closet for hopefully a long time and having pairs that are flattering are essential. Moreover, the shape of the jean itself will help you keep cool in the warmer months. For instance, a wide leg, boyfriend jeans or an oversized fit will be breezier than skinny jeans or something close to the body like a straight leg.

Another type of jeans I love to sport in the summers are a raw hem or cropped leg. These not only show off your ankles and give you some air in the summer, but they are so on trend in a classic, vintage way. Something about a raw hem makes them feel like they were workshopped just for you.


Finally, the ease of the breeze in these pants is something you will want to take into deep consideration! Like I just mentioned, the shape helps a lot with this factor. But another thing is the weight of the jean material. I don’t know about you, but a lot of my winter jeans are heavy. It may be hard to believe, but lightweight denim is very much a thing that exists and it’s something that is perfect for the summertime. Although size up, because you want to avoid any fabric tears or possible snags.


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Firstly, I love to find jeans that have a fun detail to make them stand out. These are the perfect shade to go with any top!
Secondly, cropped jeans are perfect for summer because it keeps your ankles cool! Agolde are some of the best jeans you can get your hands on!
Thirdly, white jeans are a summer staple! I love a good crop pair again, as they don’t drag on the ground and show off your sandals!
Wide legged jeans are great for summer because they are more breezy than skinny or straight legged jeans. The shade of these is perfection and they are easy to dress up or down!
On the wide leg trend, these are a great jean to take from summer to fall. The shade is great and they fit so well!
For instance, I love the design on these jeans! It’s subtle enough that they’re not a statement piece but add fun texture.
Adding in a little color to your jean collection! This pale pink is the perfect summer tone.
Metallic has been a recent jean trend that I think is really fun! Henceforth, these are great for a night out.
Sailor styled jeans are very summery to me. I don’t know if it’s just the name, but I think this would be adorable with a white tank or lightweight sweater!
Furthermore, Rolla’s are back, baby! I love this style (sailor again) and the shade is perfect for daily wear. The front pockets are too cute!
Moreover, these are more of an off-white shade, which I think is great! A cream is always a good option to have in your wardrobe.
Finally, I had to include a staple pair that is perfect for everyday wear. These work for any season and they are incredibly flattering!

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