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All In A Days Bag

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The daily shuffle since school started has been quite an adjustment for me. I’m trying to keep up with everyone’s schedule, run a household, and juggle a full time work schedule, on top of it all.

My day starts with dropping the bigs at school, with Gemma in tow. During school hours, I try to schedule meetings and conference calls, all while Gemma hangs with a sitter, or attends her little classes. Once school lets out, it’s chauffeuring Ryder and Siella to after school activities, like soccer, ballet, and playdates. Before you know it, I’m cooking dinner, giving baths and getting into bedtime routines. And once they are fast asleep, it’s back to work for me.

Our routines change daily, but one constant is that I find myself out of the house for the entire day. I am frequently asked, how the heck I do it all, and honestly, I think it’s organization. I am forever writing notes as reminders, setting alarms on my phone, so my brain never stops. I’ve learned that setting a little time the night prior, to prep things for the kids and I goes a long way.

Lily Jade Elizabeth Bag Lily Jade Elizabeth BagLily Jade Elizabeth Bag

I’ve been a long time fan of Lily Jade designer diaper bags, and lately, mine has turned into my everyday bag, and it has become the perfect accessory, for getting me through my busy days. I can pack the kids after-school snacks, drinks, little toys, all while toting my necessities, like my phone, keys, wallet, lip gross, and even a laptop. As a busy mom of three, I no longer have the leisure or time to change my purse out daily, so I love that Lily Jade fits my ever changing lifestyle.

Lily Jade Elizabeth Bag

Lily Jade Elizabeth BagLily Jade Elizabeth Bag

I’m pretty obsessed with my Elizabeth style bag, which transforms into different styles like a cross body style, an over the shoulder bag, and even a backpack. The backpack position is actually my favorite, because it really makes lugging an entire days’ worth of things around NYC easier, with less stress on my back. And I adore the gold hardware and zippers detailed throughout the bag.

All Lily Jade bags come with a removable soft inner liner “a baby bag,” that is machine washable, and extremely handy when my littles sippy cups decide to leak. With Gemma almost potty trained, I rarely use the inner baby bag or changing pad, so it’s nice to have the option to remove them, offering the extra compartment room. The outside of the purse has two big front pockets, with a magnetic closure; one ideal for easy phone access, and the other which always seems to be filled with Gemma’s little trinkets.

Lily Jade Elizabeth BagLily Jade Elizabeth Bag Lily Jade Elizabeth Bag

I’ve said this back when I first started my blog, “being a mom doesn’t mean you need to lose sight of the cool stuff.” It’s a quote I like to live by, and truly believe in. When you feel good about yourself, the day to day duties aren’t so bad. Lily Jade designer diaper bags truly allow you to move through your motherhood journey, making us mamas a bit more fashionable, while ensuring we are equipped for what those crazy days will throw our way. We can be a work mom, soccer mom, and stylish mom, all at the same time.

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