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Introducing The Newest Member Of Our Family

As most of you know, actually now that I’m thinking about it, maybe you didn’t know, last summer we lost both of our pups. They passed away just weeks apart from losing my Dad, so it was by far the most difficult summer of my life, and I have yet to bring myself to write about it. Our yorkie Teddy was first in early July, followed by my Dad in August, and just days later, we lost our maltese, Penny Lane. We had Teddy and Penny Lane since they were babies, long before we had “real babies.” They lived 16 1/2 years and 14 1/2 years respectfully, and having been part of our lives for the entire span of my relationship with Jason, and all three of our children’s lives, to say they hold a special place in our hearts is a tremendous understatement. As the summer ended, and time passed, it was still difficult, but we kept ourselves busy traveling whenever we could.

Fast forward to present day, seven months later to be exact, our lives (as well as the lives of everyone on this planet) have been completely turned upside down. Travel plans halted, school cancelled, my jobs have either been pushed or terminated,  Jason is completely out of work, and we are social distancing in effort to flatten the curve. It’s been a lot to adjust to, and accept, and while I do my best to remain calm and keep a brave face for my kids, some days are just hard. I’m sure all of you feel the exact. same. way.

This past weekend, I knew our isolating and social distancing was only going to get more serious, as the numbers of confirmed Coronavirus cases and deaths soared, so I decided to shine a little bit of light on my family, by adopting a puppy. The kids have been begging for a dog, and around Christmas I started to seriously consider another furry friend, but it seemed too soon. I heard about dog fostering, but I was skeptical, because I knew we wouldn’t be able to give back a dog, once it spent time in our home. With all this time in the house, I started to poke around, and found my little fluffer!

So, here we are with the newest member of our family, Cooper! He’a a morkie breed- half yorkie, half maltese (our Teddy and Penny Lane mixed!). We’ve been racking our brains with names this week, trying out Chewy, Sonny and some others, but finally landed on Cooper! He’s been the sweetest little addition, adding a welcome distraction to the state of the world right at the moment. The kids are in love, and Jason who was kind of against the whole thing has totally fallen for him.

Make no mistake. We are in potty training hell, and will need a new rug when the world reopens, but at 3.5 pounds and 10 weeks old, he’s too young to go for walks without all of his shots. For now, Cooper will continue to hide out in my jacket when we head outdoors, and I cannot wait for when we can actually take him for a proper walk!

Welcome to the family Coop! We love you so!


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22 thoughts on “Introducing The Newest Member Of Our Family”

  1. Cooper is beautiful! I know what it is to lose your pets and someone so important as your father. I am really sorry for you. I hope Cooper brings joy and hapiness to your family!

  2. blair villanueva

    Aawww he is adorable, those eyes are very expressive. Now your kids have their little brother perfect for this self-isolation month. Congratulations on having him!

  3. Oh, my goodness. Such a cute new family member. I love how cute your fur baby. Good luck to you. You are so lucky to have a baby.

  4. Too adorable! I want a puppy so bad for my family and I but I am very much afraid of the potty training! Keep posting more cute photos of your baby! <3

  5. Awhhhh – what an adorable little pup! I have always wanted to get a dog but I am the only animal lover in the house. Will definitely be getting one when I move out – haha.

    Ashlee | ashleemoyo.com

  6. Awhhhh – what an adorable little pup! I have always wanted to get a dog but I am the only animal lover in the house. Will definitely be getting one when I move out – haha..

    Ashlee | ashleemoyo.com

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