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After School Snacks

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After school snacks are a big deal in our house. When my kids get home from school, they are ravenous. They’re not just hungry for anything, though. They want something that’s delicious and usually sweet. I get it. After a long day of school, coming home to a treat is like a reward. With all the studying my kids do and the good grades that they get, I’m happy to reward them with something tasty when they come home. These days, I’m especially happy to give them what they want for after school snacks because I have Loacker wafer cookies waiting for them when they come home.   Girls eating Loacker wafer cookies as an after school snacks

After School Snacks – Loacker Wafer Cookies

The thing I love about Loacker wafer cookies is that they give my kids the sweetness they want without all the bad stuff that I don’t want them to have. As a health-conscious mom, I’ve never been keen on giving my kids sweets just to have sweets. With Loacker Quadratini wafers, my kids get a snack that is made with quality ingredients and no weirdness. These wafers have zero hydrogenated fats, no preservatives, no ingredients that come from bioengineered crops, and no artificial colors or flavors. They’re just good old-fashioned good!

These hazelnut spread wafers are nutritious, too, which I love for my kids. Hazelnuts have healthy fats, which help my kids feel full and keep that sugar digesting slowly in their bodies, so they don’t get a sugar crash, and as we all know, sugar crashes are the bane of homework.

Girls holding after school snacks Loacker lemon wafer cookies After school snack Girls eating Loacker wafer cookies with lunchbox

I don’t tell the kids this, but these Loacker wafers aren’t just for their after school snacks. I also take them with me when I know I’m going to be on the go for long periods of time. They make a great snacks to keep me going, and that’s a big deal. With my schedule, I rarely have time to eat anything other than what I can quickly grab as I head from one place to another, so having these on hand helps me a lot. Plus, they’re delicious. My favs are the lemon!

Girls holding Loacker wafer cookies as an after school snacks

I’ve found that no kid can say no to these wafers. Even my kids’ pickiest friends go after these when they come over after school. If you’re looking for some great after school snacks for the kiddos, give these Loacker wafers a try. My kids love them, and I think yours will, too.


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13 thoughts on “After School Snacks”

  1. Those look delicious. I like mixing it up when it comes to after school snacks and I think we’ll have to give these a try. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Those look like great snacks. I don’t think I have seen either of these before. I’ll have to check in stores. I think my kids would really enjoy them.

  3. The after school snacktime is so important for my kid. 🙂 Thanks for these wonderful ideas! I love Loacker products!

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