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Pico Travel Car Seat – A Dream for on-the-go Moms

Pico travel car seat is a dream come true for on-the-go moms. I know. I’m a mom of three, and over the years, I’ve had my share of issues with traveling and car seats. Whether it was just getting the car seat into my car, trying to fit it into luggage or carry on, or even having to rent a car seat, my stories on car seat woes are many. That’s why I’m in love with the Pico travel car seat. It’s a rugged, lightweight car seat designed specifically for on-the-go moms, fitting into their lives, and even more importantly, on to planes!

Pico travel carseat WayB

Pico Travel Car Seat

If you’ve traveled anywhere at all with a child, you know that car seats are always an issue. You either have to leave it at home or pay extra for your flight luggage because you can’t fit it on the plane. Of course, if you have to leave it at home, that means you then have to rent a car seat to go in the car you just rented, as well. It’s a total pain. Even if you’re not traveling, the sheer weight of most car seats is enough to ensure that you’ve gotten your workout in for the day if you just take the kids to the store. The Pico car seat does away with all of that.

Pico travel car seat side view

This company designed their trafel car seat with a very special combination in mind: durability, portability, and reduced weight. That’s what makes this car seat such a joy to use, whether it’s the main car seat or a backup. It’s compact and portable, easy to install, weighs very little, and it makes it so much easier to travel.

Pico travel car seat available colors

Made with an aerospace-grade aluminum body and astroknit mesh for the seat and headrest, the Pico car seat is super lightweight. It’s only eight pounds. In addition, it’s super compact, making it perfect for taking with you on trips. It’s actually small enough to turn into a backpack, tote, or luggage add-on, and it can fit into most overhead compartments in planes. It also eliminates the need to rent a car seat when you arrive at your destination, which makes things more convenient and cheaper.

If you have more than one child who needs a car seat, there’s another big plus to the Pico design. It’s small enough to fit three across the backseat in most cars. This makes it an excellent choice for multi-child families. It’s also an excellent backup car seat for a babysitter, nanny, or grandparents.

Pico travel car seat front view

The Pico travel car seat has been a true answer to my traveling mom prayers. With a durable frame, comfortable mesh seat and headrest, and compact size, it covers all the bases for me and my children. Now I know I have a car seat that’s super convenient for me and still super safe for them. To learn more, head to the Pico car seat web page!



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13 thoughts on “Pico Travel Car Seat – A Dream for on-the-go Moms”

  1. I love this car seat. Significantly less bulky than the one I have. My youngest’s friends are mostly out of their car seat. Though she is still so petite she needs to stay in one a while longer. This would make her less self-conscious about it since it does not LOOK like a car seat! lol

  2. That does look like an amazing car seat. I wish I would have been able to get this when my kids were younger. Looks like it would be really comfy for kids as well.

  3. I am actually pretty familiar with this one. It us a must have specially for moms. I think the price of this is quite fair also.

  4. Annemarie LeBlanc

    I love that this is lightweight and compact. Perfect for families who are frequent travelers. I will recommend this car seat to my sister and cousin. I am sure they’ll get this for their kids.

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